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This site is dedicated to Lighthouses around the world.
May they continue to protect all at sea!!!

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Pati's Lighthouse Photos and Links. Lights I have visited and links to lighthouses around the world.

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Web Graphics by Pati. My Graphic designs, including theme sets, banners, buttons and more for use on web pages. Also includes Paint Shop Pro Tutorials, Hints, Links and more.

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My Graphic Creations Pages, including many lighthouse images. There is a page of images of Cape Hattera light that I played with.

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Send a stained glass card from my collection!!!.. The Angel of the Lighthouse is now available as a card!!

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Pati's Animation Collection. Lots of gifs and jpegs that I have collected around the net. This includes Modzillas, comics, animals, backgrounds, web buttons and hints and links.

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