September 1, 2001

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Mason-Dixon Line News.

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by Mason-Dixon Line News.

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Mason-Dixon Line News
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This Civil War Heritage Ring site is owned by
Mason-Dixon Line Civil War Home Page.

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Additional Resources for Reenactors and Researchers

From recipes that please the pallet
To those that heal an ailment, this is the page that says it all.

Discover your culinary delights!
Civil War Recipes for Any Occasion!

Unearth little known facts about the US Civil War.
Now Featuring: Does the Camera Ever Lie?

Enhance your Living History campsite.
Contents include “Recipes for the campsite,” well-researched information for “The field doctor,” “Portraits of War”, “Proper military attire,” and more!

Civil War Crafts

Want to know more about Women and the Civil War?

Features Fashion Plates with descriptions and miscellaneous Civil War era garments

Read the memoirs of Archibald Atkinson, Jr.,
A doctor who served with the Confederate Army.

The Health Department
Features Civil War Era Medicine and Home Remedies.

Links to the Best Civil War Sites on the Web.

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