August 31, 2001

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Links to the Best Civil War Sites
If you have browsed all of the pages of the Mason-Dixon Line Civil War site, you know that it promotes all aspects of the Civil War, both North and South, military and civilian. However, it is impossible for one site to contain all of the information that pertains to the Civil War era. Therefore, I have included links to the best Civil War sources on the Internet.
The American Civil War Homepage
This is one of the most comprehensive sites to visit. It contains a wide range of Civil War information, from reenactor's recruitments to the history of women during the Civil War. Frequently updated!

Civil War Links
This site contains a wealth of information, noteworthy photographs and links to "anything you want to know" about the Civil War!

Battlefield Vacations is a delightful and informative site.
Not only does it list upcoming battles coupled with good historic information, but you can find out where reenactments are located and various travel information. Also contains Links, Games and more!

Looking for your Ancesters? Then you will enjoy Ancestral Trails!
The is the most complete, free and easy genealogical research website that I have visited.

The United States Civil War Center.
This site has indexed over 2400 Civil War related sites and is a great source for reenactor's and researchers. Also contains a lot of information about Civil War prisons.

The American Civil War Homepage
Still can't find what you are looking for? "Ask the Webmaster" Also contains many useful, well-indexed links that cover a wide variety of Civil War information.

Looking for information about women during the Civil War?
Visit the primary source on the internet.

Elmira Prison Camp OnLine Library.
This a nice site and lends includes the little known facts about the camp, along with many photographs found in the Prison Gallery.

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - Tracing your roots?
This site is nicely arranged and has thousands of genealogy references.

Insects and the Civil War!
This unique, original and facinating site reveals the influence of insects on soldiering during the Civil War!

Prince Edward Island's Premiere Genealogy Site
Contains excellent information about Maine's involvement in the Civil War.

The Iowa Volunteers Site
A well documented site that contains original family letters and photographs.


Additional Civil War Resources

From recipes that please the pallet to those that heal an ailment, this is the page that says it all.

Discover your culinary delights with Civil War Recipes for Any Occasion!

Unearth little known facts about the US Civil War. Now Featuring: Does the Camera Ever Lie?

Want to know more about Women and the Civil War?

Read the memoirs of Archibald Atkinson, Jr., a doctor who served with the Confederate Army.

The Health Department features Civil War Era Medicine and Home Remedies.

The Web Ring Community Provides Easy Access to American Civil War Information.

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