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See Wedding Shots from The Double Wedding that Didn't Happen:( CLICK HERE! or New Pictures Added to the SHUIS album CLICK HERE With pictures from Bermuda on Page 3!

Finally I Have some free time to update My Passions Page! *Note Front page is done how do you like it? I am still working on the other Pages to Be Up & Done By August Thanks! Sorry I've been away so long but I had a baby and my time was limited but my passion for Passions is still strong!!!

I hope everyone's summer is going great! Hope you find my pages fun and useful and know I am always open for suggestions... also If you write Fan Fiction I know I'd love to read it and post a link or put it on my site if you'd like! Be sure to email me your comments and questions or just a note that says Hello & You stopped by!

!*!@!*I Want to Throw Up... OMG Theresa & Julian??? I can't believe it... did it really happen? Watch Theresa end up pregnant now and she won't know who's the dad.. Will Ethan find out???

Warlock Island is a flop if you ask me.. I was hoping for some real excitment but nothings really going on but Charity freaking out... I'm still hoping..

So the weddings never happened:( But who really thought they would come on it's a soap.. but still I was hoping... I can't decide who's dress I liked better. Who's did you Please Vote Below! Thanks Amy

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