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I know there are many Web Sites out there dedicated to Jeff Gordon and NASCAR and all of them are full of information. I hope this site will be a little different and contain some information the others don't. It took me a while to decide to make this page because I wanted it to be something really good. I hope everyone who visits enjoy's themselves and learns a little something too.

I have been a NASCAR Winston Cup fan for a few years now and a Jeff Gordon fan since I started watching it. A lot of people out there say women only like Jeff because he is good looking and that just isn't true. I will admit he is a good looking man, but good looks don't mean squat behind the wheel of a race car. You've got to have talent, and that young man has got that in excess. Anyone can see that by looking at his stats since he joined the Winston Cup Series. He has improved every year since he started. and with a great crew chief like Ray Evernham, (who in my opinion is the best) and the backing of Rick Hendrick, the only way Jeff can go is up!

He tied Richard Petty's record for 13 races in a single season, he is the youngest driver to win three Championships at the age of 27, and he has made more money in a season than anyone else. All that is amazing in itself, but he also did something in the 1998 season that no other driver will ever. be able to do, he did it all on NASCAR'S 50th Anniversary.

Gordon has been called the 'Wonder Boy', a fluke, and he and the Rainbow Warriors have even been called 'cheats', just because they win a lot of races. He gets booed by fans of other drivers when he wins, and those same fans cheer when he crashes. I understand fans wanting their driver to win, but to cheer when a driver crashes? How does anyone know he isn't hurt or someone else involved in the crash isn't? They don't. Jeff may be my favorite driver and I love to see him win, but I don't boo other drivers, or cheer when they crash. They are all out there doing a job, (a fun one) and Jeff and his team just do it better than the others sometimes.

Back when, Buddy Baker, Bobby Allison, and Richard Petty were racing, did fans boo Petty when he was winning a lot of races? No, they cheered him on more and made him the "King" of NASCAR, so why is it any different for Jeff?

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