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The Millennial Pope
When you look as this extraordinary life and you see all that he's accomplished, all the lives he's touched, the nations whose history he's changed, the way he's become such a powerful figure in our culture, in all of modern culture - among believers and not -- talking all of that into account, you're left with one very disturbing and difficult question. On the one hand, the pope can seem this lonely, pessimistic figure - a man who sees only the dark side of modernity…A man so dark, so despairing, that he loses his audiences. That would make his a tragic figure certainly. On the other hand, you have to ask, is he a prophet? Did he come here with a message? Does he see something that many of us are missing? In that case the tragedy is ours.

[Robert Suro; Journalist for the Washington Post]

Last updated: May 29, 2001

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