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"I thought that the movie was terrific. I own the movie and there will never be another one like it."

"Through the years I have seen lots and lots of movies. But there were a few I would call my favourites, such as Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Sound of Music. I never thought another film would capture my imagination as much as the childhood favourites. But Titanic turned out to be magical for me. It was big, it was emotional, and it had a great romance. I don't know if that sort of romance and sacrifice exists in the world today, but I wish it did."

"I love Titanic. I have seen it 23 times and have even built my own website devoted to Titanic. It is a gerorgus movie and well worth the $16.98 i paied for it. Any one have any ideas on a unedited version? id buy that in a heart beat!! Please email me with your thoughts and comments on the movie and the cd-rom game Titanic Adventure out of time... Thanks :-)"

"Titanic is the most beautiful movie ever made. I am totally in love with this movie, and have been since first seeing it nine months ago. If you are so cynical that you cannot appreciate that this movie has to offer, then I feel sorry for you. This movie has had a profound effect on me, and the way I look at the world around me. I know others around the world feel the same way, so I must not be that insane. To everyone reading this, if you feel the way I do, then know you are not alone."

"This movie was very touching to me. To see what everyone had to go through and even how many people gave up thier lives to save others. It had a few humerous comments in it but in all i felt like i was there and that this could of actually been a real interview (with old rose and Lovett). I have never seen a better movie then this!"
-Leigha Omann

"I absolutely loved the movie.! I have never been effected as much from a movie as I have by this. It breaks my heart to see the 3rd class mother telling her 2 kids a bedtime story- and you know they will never wake up, or when the boat returns to check for survivors, and you see a women, holding her baby- both frozen to death. after seeing this, i have learned to respect all those people who died that night. The movie makes you feel as you are there that night. Before the movie, I hardly knew that much on Titanic, but since its release, I have collected everything I can on it, and have learned so much. Thanks to this movie, Titanic will live on, and so will her passengers memory. to date i have seen it 8 times in theater.....3 on video...counting"

"I feel that everyone here has explained the movie and their point of view very well. I love the description of all their comments I couldn't agree with them anymore. My favourite scene is when Fabrizio is standing on the bow of the ship, and he says to Jack (aka Leo) I see the Statue of Liberty but of course it's very very small. Probably not the exact translation of the movie, but heck it was thereabouts. I feel that James Cameron did deserve all of those Oscars and all the work he put into Titanic even giving up his job, was well deserved and well recognized through the movie, the final product, such as all those rave reviews that he received through television, magazines, word of mouth and as previously mentioned the Oscars. Thank you for an excellent movie and am looking forward to when I can buy it and cherish the moment of Jack and Rose forever on video."

"The movie was great for many reasons, some of which I won't get into. I could see [my girlfriend, Mystical Enchantress] and myself in the main characters, all of the words, the feelings and even the actions. During the movie I would tell her what Jack was going to say even before he said it. (I did not see or hear any clips from it either) I just knew the character, and I could also tell her what Rose was going to say because I know her well enough to just know. I have a favorite part but it's not because of what happened, but because of the way I felt when it happened. the part where Jack makes Rose promise that she'll always go on then he dies and she lets him go to the bottom of the ocean. Overall I loved the movie and I even went back and saw it again."

"The movie was so wonderful beyond belief, there is no word to describe the movie or the emotions I felt while watching it. It was like every emotion all into one. My favorite part. . . ummm that is hard. I, like Wizard, loved the part where Rose lets Jack go to the ocean, but after thinking long and hard on this I have decided my favorite part is where Rose dreams of Jack, when she dies. Because people always say when you die you are greeted by someone very dear to you from your past. It reminded me of my mother. And how she was greeted by her mother. But to know that Rose never let go of Jack, in her heart he stayed and they were reunited again. It made me realize that if you love someone with such a strong love, neither distance, time, nor even death can keep them apart. It proves that love is the greatest of the three: 'Faith, Hope, and Love; and the greatest of these is love' (1 Corinthians 13:13)."

"The movie was excellent to every detail. I have never been moved by a movie, or a story, like I was at this one. You are absolutely right; the movie kicked ass."
-Low Man


"The movie is magical and breathtaking. I am so glad that James Cameron finally got his well deserved night at the Oscars. Kate and Leo were beautiful with their fantastic chemistry. It became my favorite movie after the first time I saw it. I absolutely love it!!!"

"i love e e cummings and i love titanic! it was a great movie and i have seen it a few times over. i can't wait for it to go to video so i can buy it."

Note: Cute. Very cute.

"Loved every minute of it. Saw it twice and ready to go again. I couldn't imagine enjoying it so much since I knew the story before I saw the movie, but the way it was presented was wonderful and awesome. Cameron deserves the Academy Award. What a wonderful movie. The best."

"Well,it was ok, it passed the time and the special effects were good, but I can't feel all gushy about a romance between a couple of teenagers who'd only known each other a couple of days."
-miserable old cynic

Note: FINALLY! Some variety!

"l thought the movie was cute,and the special effects were exellent.but the fact that they only knew each other for a few days and they slept together and all makes me kinda sick (don't kill me)"

Note: Hey, it's a free country. Differences of opinion are not a problem.

As far as myself, I have four favorite parts, all for completely different reasons. One is when they're sailing off the coast of Ireland, and they show the huge engines and the boiler rooms, and Jack and Fabrizio are standing at the bow of the ship, watching the dolphins swim past, and eventually the camera pulls back to show the whole ship sailing by underneath. The music and the camera work all weave together to create this great homage to a great ship. Then, I also liked the part when Jack draws the all-too-famous picture of Rose, simply because you can feel the emotions; it's like there's electricity in the air. Also, toward the end, where the huge glass dome collapses into the Grand Staircase, and we see water rushing through the hallways and blowing out doors; like the engine scene, the music and the camera work turn this into a very emotional, very dramatic showdown to a great tragedy. And, last but not least, I absolutely love the last scene; after months of soul-searching, I still can't quite put my finger on why. Any ideas?
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