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"Angel Baby"

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Welcome to... a Touch of Heaven!

It's a complete mixture of fun & sites!

Song: Right Here Waiting for You...

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So here is a 'TouchoHeaven'.

I am Pamangela.Here's me!
This is my first ever site! Started on March 23rd, '98.

My site is dedicated to my favorite things (but not necessarily in this order) (!):

Richard Marx's
and his wonderful music!!!,

"woof, woof!"

our adorable rottweiler pup,

Larry, my wonderful
hubby,our 2 great sons,Andrew and David


and our beautiful daughter,
Stephani (and me with her!)



My RICHARD MARX Page n' Links!
Also Atlantic City Concert pics!
3 other full pages of RM pics

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RICHARD MARX Tunes & Midis!

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My Rottweiler Page ... Meet my Angel Baby!

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