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Hi, I live in New England just north of Boston, Massachusetts, and very close to historic Salem, also known as "The Witch City". My home is very close to the ocean and I can't imagine living anywhere else.

My husband and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary this past December, quite an accomplishment I think. While we have no children, I do have three step children and three step grandchildrenwho call me Grammie thanks to their parents. I also have three very spoiled felines who think THEY are the ultimate beings in our home.

Please take a little time to meet my mother. She was my best friend and the most wonderful person I have ever known. If I can be half the woman she was, I will consider my life a success. At age 72 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent a mastectomy, and lived for 14 years. She died in 1992 at age 86 of a massive heart attack while taking a nap (just the way she always said she would like to go). She always had a pleasant word or smile for everyone and, oh, how she loved to laugh. I hope you'll enjoy meeting her. I have some very interesting pictures of her dating as far back as ~1912 (when she would have been six years old).

Please be patient as I continue to make changes to this site. I think you might find the wait worthwhile. Check back often to see how I'm doing!

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