Trinity Foundation, Inc.

The Trinity Foundation is a watchdog ministry founded by Ole Anthony in 1972 and based in Dallas, Texas.

Trinity has primarily investigated televangelists such as Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Paula White, Robert Tilton, W.V. Grant, and the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Much of its information comes from disgruntled former employees, moles working for ministries who secretly provide information to Trinity, and dumpster diving for information.

The Trinity Foundation has an extensive video library of televangelists. They routinely take notes of the televangelists broadcasts. The notes go back at least ten years for most shows that air on religious networks. This information is used to aid reporters who are investigating televangelists. The head investigator at The Trinity Foundation is Pete Evans, who is a private investigator.

Regarding Hinn, Trinity has evidence showing that Hinn's ministry does not qualify as a church under Internal Revenue Service guidelines, as reported by The Dallas Morning News in July 2005. Specifically, Trinity claims that Hinn's ministry does not hold regular public worship services at its facility, as access is strictly limited to employees with access badges.

Trinity has also investigated the St. Matthew's Churches, a "seed-faith ministry" which targets the poorest zip codes in America with religious mailings.

Since 1996, Trinity has published The Wittenburg Door, a Christian satire and humor magazine.

Ministry Watch
is another watchdog ministry.
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