XXXXXI Knew A Woman

I knew a woman and she was violet shadows
touched with honey dew, and she was woman
everything that He knew.

I knew a woman and she moved like flower love
burned by the sun, and she was woman
timeless when dawn is done.

I knew a woman and she was wind in clover
blowing bees insane, and she was woman
loved by ancient rain

I knew a woman carved from love dipped stone
soft as gentle flame, and she was woman;
woman was her name.


You have come into my life
Through this curious door
Some have come through and left their mark
Some have stayed and became friends
and some have slammed the door on their way out.

So please feel free
To stay as long as you like
But should the time come
that you must leave
Please, close the door gently
As you go

All of us are born with the need to share
our lives with someone.
During the years
the fulfillment of this need can be the cause
of constant concern and occasional pain.
For it can't be fulfilled by one person
reaching, but only when two are willing
to meet halfway.

I'm not asking
You to come to me
Only this . . .
Meet me halfway

Consider these two quotations:

~ "Never speak to strangers"
~ "A stranger is just a friend I've yet to meet"

Which is more beautiful
Which is more often used

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