IR remote control

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This project is not completely finshed yet, currently I am experimenting with an RC5 receiver IC
Based on the SAA3049 RC5 decoder and a 38 kHz CZK1610 IR receiver module.
The SHF506_36 of Siemens is also ok as a receiver; and probably easier to get.
The receiver module can be used with any RC5 remote control, so you do not have to builds a transmitter
just use some free buttons of your TV set remote (if it is RC5 based, but many remotes are)

With the test setup I am experimenting with the RC5 decoder and the receiver module
For the receiver module many types are available, I just picked one.
The test setup is able to receive RC5 code: the transmitted code is presented by six LED's
With the switches (K1) you can set the remote control category: all RC's are categorized to prevent interference:
TV-set's, audio, VCR have their own code for K1 (I do not know which, but you can set the Saa3049
in a read mode by grounding pin 19 (see schematic) so you can tell which category is the RC you will use);
see also specification
I will use an 28C16 EEPROM to decode the sic output bits, see the EEPROM programmer on this page.

Test setup schematic: (please don't mind the poor quality)

Download specifications of key components at the  Component specs page

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