PIC Programmer: the hardware.       


I found this PIC programmer on www.lancos.com; I created a specialised circuit for PIC 16 series, added some new features and created a compact PCB layout
I have very good experiences with this programmer for PIC16F84
(believe me it is not the first one I tried :-) ).

!NOTE programming PIC12Cxxx DOES NOT WORK. Although the Ponyprog software suggests that this is OK, I have serious trouble with these types. On the Ponyprog Forum I found more complaints about these types.

Main advantage of this programmer is that it uses the serial RS232 COM port which is (unlike the parallel port) freely accessible in NT 2000 and XP.
The software is available on my homepage or at the lancos site.

First build the programmer as in the schematic below.You can build it on an experimental board or use the PCB layout; copper tracks and component setup are available in 1:1 scale (if printed on A4 scale) below:

COPPER LAYOUT (pdf 31 kByte; right click to download)
COMPONENT SETUP (pdf 20 kByte; right click to download)

Some hardware features / comments:

-The GREEN LED indicates that the programming voltage is high enough, (Must be at least 13V DC
-The RED LED indicates that programming oor reading is in progress
-The 847/857 transistors are general purppose SMD transistors that I used, BC547 & 557 are also OK.
-The diode bridge prevents wrong polarityy of the power supply, this way it can be + /- or even AC !
-The 78L05 has a 100mA current limit. Thiis will give you some protection (not guaranteed!) to your PIC
and you computer. Do NOT use a regular 1Ampere 7805, if you make a mistake you will blow up
your serial port for sure!

Download printable PDF schematic: PICPROG-SCHEMATIC (right click to download)

Power supply

Connect a 15V DC or AC adapter to the DC input of the PIC programmer

Note: many 12 V adapters will also work because they provide more than 15V at low currents.
If the green LED burns, the supply is ok.

RS232 connection

Connect the PIC programmer to a COM port of a (Windows) PC with a  9-pin serial cable.

Connection drawing:

Your programmer is ready for use, please proceed to the software setup on my main home page:


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