Anti aircraft litterbag


I must admit, it will be quite hard to knock a 747 out of the air with this trick, but the title was appealing HUH?
Many thanks to the inventer mr Halberstadt, who gave me the description.

This is what you need:

-a thin litter bag (the type made of crisppy plastic which is very light)
-natural gas or methane (not canned propanne or LPG; the gas must be lighter than air)
-adhesive tape
-cigarette paper

Close the litter bag with the adhesive tape, leave a small opening to get the gas in later.
At the taped side, attach a match head down to the bag.
Now, create a fuse to the match head by wrapping some cigarette papers
Disconnect the safety (?) gas hose from your gas stove and stick it in the empty (!!) bag through the opening.
When filled, the opening must be closed with some adhesive tape.
Go outside, light the fuse (careful!!) and let it fly......
the match will be the heaviest part and will therefore be under the floating bag
When the fuse lights the match, the fire will climb up and melt the bag, the gas comes free and will ignite.
Especially nice at night.......

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