2 x 10 Watt amp

No-nonsense IC amplifier with TDA2030/2040


This amplifier design really excels in simplicity and robustness, thanks to the
use of the TDA2030 or TDA2040 "power op amps", some highlights:

Altogether, a fool-proof stereo amplifier suitable for many applications.
I use it for my PC, I built the amplifier into a pair of Sony speakers from an old stereo set;
the sound is much better & louder than most commercial "100W" PC speaker sets.

Circuit description

The power supply of the amplifier is built with bridge rectifier B1-4 and elcap C6.
Further stabilization is not necessary because of the high supply voltage ripple rejection (50dB).

2 x 10 Watt amplifier schematic:

PCB layout

You can build the circuit on a piece of experiment board, but if you have the equipment to etch pcbs,
you can download pdf file below which contains the pcb layout and the component locations.
To get a negative for your pcb just print the file on a sheet with a 300dpi or better laser printer.

PCB layout: pcb.zip (25kB;left click to download)

Picture of the assembled circuit:

Download specifications of key components at the  Component specs page

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