The Voyages of the Starbucket

The stories archived in The Voyages of the Starbucket are a combination of fan fiction and original storylines, and are based on the premise of the Celestial Intervention Agency (from the BBC series Dr. Who). Both pre-existing and original characters are used.

Disclaimer: All original characters, situations, and storylines are the property of the writer or writers of the story in which they appear. All characters borrowed from a pre-existing source are the property of the creator(s) of that source; and all stories using such characters will have that source credited on the Reference Page under the story title. On those occasions when an actual person, living or dead, is used in a story as a guest character, no offense or harm is meant by the use of that persona.

Warning: Some stories on this site contain adult situations, language, etc., which some people may find offensive.

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