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Alice in Orchestralia

Ernest LaPrade

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          "Alice in Orchestralia" is but another "Alice in Wonderland," for the author takes us in delightful fashion into the heart of that most wondrous land of all - the land of music.
          Alice is to be envied, for there is hardly anything about a modern symphony orcehstra - its make-up, its functions, its manner of speaking that universal language of human emotions - that she does not learn through the pages of this book. And it is all done in such a beguiling way that one might swear that it had been written by the whimsical and immortal author of the original "Alice in Wonderland."
          I am glad that this work was written by an American, and am proud that he is also a member of my orchestra. I prophesy for this book a wide distribution wherever the English tongue is spoken and the love for music prevails.
Walter Damrosch

Chapter I: The Brass Tunnel

Chapter II: A Strange Journey

Chapter III: A Topsy-Turvy Rehearsal

Chapter IV: A Quartet Out of Tune

Chapter V: A Tea Party in Panopolis

Chapter VI: The Brassydale Band

Chapter VII: Alice Inspects the Artillery

Chapter VIII: A Concert in Orchestralia

Typical Programs of Concerts for Children and Concerts for Young People

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