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Author, Mishi McCoy "The Lovely Knowing" An inspirational book of memoris
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The Lovely Knowing

Each one of us is magnificently gifted with divine intelligence and guidance.
My book of memoirs is my testimony of Great Spirits love toward us and the manifested miracles of that love. I share my heart and life experiences with you to offer hope and faith in your everyday living. You are a supernatural being. Live a life that suits that magnificence.If you have ears to hear and hearts to believe that dreams really do come true,this book is for YOU! Blessings --> 



 Namaste! I am the author of "The Lovely Knowing", a book of memoirs about holding out hope in the midst of adversity."The Lovely Knowing is in production and will be available to readers in April of 2011. My passion is the Body, Mind and Spirit connection. I am a Healing Facilitator and have been for two decades. My field of studies include Master Level Reiki Therapist and I worked as a Nationally Certified and State Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist for several years. I am an ordained Interfaith Minister. I enjoy traveling, reading, writing and spending time with my family, whom I absolutely adore.






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