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  Hi! Thank you for stopping by!

After being offline for several years (that is, I was viewing pages, not making them!)I am SLOWLY putting my site back together, so if you find a dead link or if a page seems to be missing, either drop me a line (Yippee! - email!) or check back again in a couple of days to see what was missing.

Some of the pages are simply "basic junk" where I am learning and relearning how to do things. This is NOT to be taken as final product :) There will be more! Better! Improved even!! Yup, my final version will be completely the best webpage EVER viewed!!

Yeah right! I have never known a person to look at their pages and say "Okay, Finished! Tada!". LOL No, we just keep learning and updating... as will I! Hopefully, at least, I will be able to look at my page and feel I have done the best I am able. Until then, please keep checking back! :)


Right now, other than working on THIS page, I am working on putting together a page on my absolute FAVORITE musician of all time

Barry Manilow!!

I had a wonderful time at his concert in Houston recently and am still realing from the magnitude of this man's gifts!!



Oh, dont you just love blogs?! Yeah, me too... well here is mine...

... From the Heart

I am having a lot of fun learning this blog thing. If you havent done so already, you might want to consider one yourself


I also plan on putting up a page to thank all of those people and sites who have helped me regain my footing on webpage making. Since this might take awhile to complete, I will list on each page the link(s) to the site(s) where I got the information/ graphic/ code/ whatever it was ... you know what I mean! My first link is this...

For this wonderful page set!!! "Thank you Dreamer's Graphics!"


** Please note that the opinions expressed in my pages are my opinions only!
None of the graphics in these pages are mine (except, of course, my concert photos ~smile~). I do not even know HOW to make graphics... so, please do not take them from my site. I will always put a link to where you can either contact the person responsible or the site where I got them... go get your own! Besides, the people who make them deserve the credit and would like for you to come to their sites too! They might even have something you would like better! Not to mention the fact that they usually have terms and conditions attached... you get what I mean... legally :)
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