Rainbows and swirls of light surround you, until finally your feet touch solid ground and the lights finally disappear. You look around and find that you are standing in front of what looks to be a medieval castle. Then as you look closer you notice that the 'castle' looks as if it had been carved out of a single piece of rock. Surrounding the 'castle' is a meadow, beyond the meadow is a huge forest with mountains visible beyond them.

Just then one of the large doors to the castle opens and out steps a young woman wearing a bluish gray gown with long trailing sleeves and a dark blue hooded cape. As she comes closer, she throws back the hood, revealing reddish brown hair and gray-green eyes. "Welcome Traveler." She says cordially. "This is the Galaxy Moon."

"Who are you?" You ask.

She smiles. "I have many names, and many forms. Some know me as The Telraven, others know me as Sailor Solaris, but here I'm just Lianara Telraven, I'm the Mage of the Universal Guardian's Peacekeepers. Come on inside, you won't find much out here." You follow her through the doors and into the main hall. It doesn't look anything like you expected, the hall is well lit and the walls look to be made out of some sort of pale gray material you've never seen before.

"I'm sure you are eager to continue your journey, so here." She leads you to what looks at first to be a large black window in the wall. She touches it and it turns out to be a computer screen. "From here you can access everything that is available at the Galaxy Moon. Just touch what section interests you, and if you don't find what you want here, there's always the link room. I'll leave you to your explorations, have fun!" She makes a gesture with her right hand and disappears in a flash of blue light. You turn back to the computer terminal.

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