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>>  Team Liddell et al  <<

“No Longer Separated by Oceans and Centuries”




"Just Us Cousins"


We Are The World's First Genealogy Group To Be Enrolled In The National Geographic Society's

"Origins of Mankind" Genographic Study

No Longer Separated by Oceans and Centuries

We Are Not All Play. We Work, Too! Visit Us To See This At:

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This website is designed for FUN THINGS!  It is our playground where we can just have a merry old time. There will be sections for articles about ourselves and our history, pictures of our smiling selves, favorite recipes, book reviews and a guestbook where we can leave a message.  If you have suggestions for other sections please let us know so they can be added,

The front door is never locked so come on in, kick your shoes off and rest your weary bones at our kitchen table. Just leave your swords and firearms in the car, please--and no cussin' in front of the chil'ren! The jug of redeye is under the sink behind the bag of onions in case you're thirsty today.

You are invited to contact our webservant about material you have which might be interesting to others.  He can be e-mailed by clicking here.

Remember to come back and visit often because we will be adding new material fairly frequently.

 Comments for the webservant?  E-mail Bill Liddle

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The Team-generated essays provided in this website are designed to assist individuals with understanding how genealogy-genetics provide highly accurate test results for use in interpretating an individuals genetic history and are not intended to be an explanation of reproductive biology.

Copyright, October 2004:  The contents of this website, the names Team Liddell et al, Group Liddesdale, Group Liddesdale2, Group Liddesdale3,  "No Longer Separated By Oceans and Centuries" and the Team Liddell et al Logo at the tops of the text files. Copyright, March 2005, Team Liddell, Group Liddesdale 4, and Liddesdale Vault.

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Find Out About Our Genetics Studies at WWW.Geocities.Com/TeamLiddellDNA

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