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Bringing You Great Skirmish Game Systems.

Designing Superior squad to company level skirmish miniature wargames,
using 15mm & 28mm miniatures, and resin terrain supplies.

Tactical Command Games
3539 Dean Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa 50317

Email: Tacomgames@q.com

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Legions Unleashed

Coming soon in the near future the rerelease of the old version of Legions Unleashed a Fantasy Warfare game. The game has been reworked with new and improved armies and rules.

Who is Tactical Command Games?

TCG produces skirmish level game systems for the enjoyment of the game players; we have four game systems on the market at this time that covers a wide range of genera’s. TCG covers the following genera are historical and Sci-fi, with Conflict 2000 a modern wargame system covering 1970-2000 and Gunslingers & Desperadoes a Wild West skirmish game. We have Stellar Conflicts and Uprisings a Sci-fi skirmish game system and Stellar Fire a starship combat system for fighters to stellar dreadnoughts.

TCG Conflict 2000 is a skirmish miniature game system that recreates the fights with some of the greatest war machines in the world has ever seen – but this time you are the platoon commander in the field! Leading the gutsy and mobile US Army and Marines into combat with AT-4, M-16A2 Assault Rifles, and M-60 machine guns. Duke it out with tough Russian or Arab troops loaded for action with AK-74, RPG-7, and RPK-MG as they defend the Russian Motherland or homes in the Middle East. Whichever army you choose to lead, you are sure to have quick, easy and exciting fun with Conflict 2000 Rule System‘. We invite you to explore our website. So stick around and get ready for real hard-hitting action with Conflict 2000 a modern skirmish wargame system – where the warp can’t save you, only guts and glory!

How does Conflict 2000 & Stellar Conflicts work?

The Conflict 2000 & Stellar Conflicts Rule System‘ is simple and easy to learn. It also accurately recreates the way modern warfare was fought by the men in the front ranks. TCG spent three years of writing, playtesting, and researching to make sure these three goals (simple, easy, accurate) where captured in the Conflict 2000 & Stellar Conflicts Rule System‘.
The basic premise of the Conflict 2000 & Stellar Conflicts Rule System‘ is that one miniature figure on a game table represents one soldier as part of a team or squad. Each squad or team receives four actions every game turn in a Conflict 2000 & Stellar Conflicts game. A typical turn or action phase is moving, shooting, spotting, and communicating or just about anything you can think of! Dice are then rolled to determine the success of most actions and to see if any damage is done to the enemy. The fun part of the Conflict 2000 & Stellar Conflicts Rule System‘ is that players get to actually decide what actions his men do. In other words he commands them in battle! TCG games are played on a table with terrain making a 3-D battlefield.
TCG games are also played with either pre-generated game scenarios (some are offered free on our website) or through a scenario generator system where a player rolls up his/her army/force with a couple die rolls. The main rules explain the game table, terrain, and both ways of playing (though which method you play is again your choice)!

So how do I get started in playing TCG games?

The best way to get started is to get one of the TCG rules set. This will get you started with one of the Conflict 2000 & Stellar Conflicts Rules Set, we have the 15mm miniatures and vehicles to get the games going, you just have to supply the dice and guts on the battlefield. The rules will explain how the game is played in an easy to learn format.
Another good way to get started is to get a friend or two involved. TCG games are not a solitaire game system and it requires two or more players.

I have read the Conflict 2000 & Stellar Conflicts, Gunslinger and or Stellar Fire rules. Now what?

The most important thing is to have figures to play with! Figures are the game pieces and thus are required for play. First, choose an army that suits your fancy. Select one of the armies. Have your friend(s) select an opposing army to yours.
In TCG games different armies are structured very similar. In TCG games the armies are organized into units of men/aliens. The base unit in most TCG games is the squad or fire team. This base unit is 5-10 men/aliens, each man in the Rifle Squad having a special duty or job. Three or four Squads make up a Platoon – approximately 28-35 men. Special units in each army can also be attached to the fire teams or squads or Platoons during the course of play. These special units are generally smaller in size but possess heavy weapons, missile anti-tank weapons, or some other special attributes that spice up any army!

What miniatures should I get?

The choice is really up to the players! Each unit has specific information and rules about how that unit fights in the TCG game universe. This information can be written on Play Sheets, these Play Sheets can be found in the Support section of our website or are found in each of the game rules systems.
Generally, most gamers have an army or force of at least a platoon in size or less. This usually equals 2-4 Squads and one Command unit – or roughly 25-45 figures. Other units are then attached to the platoon or squads to give added abilities in play. Some gamers may want to add extra machine guns (MMG Teams) or Snipers. The choice is up to you to customize your force the way you think is best. But remember that sometime to much equipment will get in the way…
If your really into random scenarios we have designed a Scenario Generator to take you into sudden combat with the odds sometimes stacked against you and forcing you to use tactics and Guts & Glory to win the day.

I have miniatures?

The neat feature of tabletop miniatures gaming is that it combines several different game systems into one! Gaming is obviously one such hobby while collecting miniatures is another. We at TCG have designed a games systems that allow you to take any miniature on the market and play with it even if it maybe unique in some way.

Tactical Command Games Business Commitment

Tactical Command Games is a game company located in Des Moines, Iowa and that is dedicated to bringing the gamer high quality skirmish games, high value rule sets, army packs, and other associated products. We have released quality skirmish game systems for Historical Modern Military, Sci-fi and space combat, and the Wild Old West.
TCG products are developed with the following goals in mind:

1. Our games should provide the gamer with a great value.
2. Our games should be playable in around 2-3 hours.
3. Our games should be playable on a typical kitchen table or other large surface.
4. Our games should use a minimum of dice types and other associated paraphernalia that detract from the visual appeal of the gaming table top.
5. Our games should encourage interactive play and a minimum of "rules lawyering".
6. Our games should capture the "feel" of the period they concern.

Thank You

TCG Staff

Tactical Command Games

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