So christmas is here once again...and what would christmas be without the endless streams of new Sonic merchandise lining the shop windows? We'll look out for them over the holiday, and give you the lowdown in the new year;)! Sonic base wants to wish all it's visitors a very cool christmas, and an awesome new year... Oh yeah- and stay tuned for info on Sonic base's new monthly Newsletter starting in the new year!                      Cheers!!
Welcome to Sonic Base! The only Site you'll ever need on the blue wonder and his sidekicks/sidekickettes. From the very first game, to Sonic X and beyond.....
The Characters, The games, the T.V series, or Fleetway Sonic the Comic, you'll find it all here. (Unfortunately, I don't have info on the Archie version. If you do, let me know!)
LAST UPDATE: 27.8.03
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Our History- The birth of Sonic base.
Dec 2001: Sonic Base opens on Angelfire, with loseresque consequence. i.e: No one visits. Managers consider abandoning Base.
Feb 2002: Managers open up on Geocities. It still doesn't take off, but visitors pop up more often. They decide to hang in there a little longer....
Jan 2003: With Sonic X soon to be released, Sonic base becomes more active, providing fans with info on the old and new of Sonic lore and games.
Aug 2003: Sonic Base is becoming popular- Fans of the old and new are visiting the site, and adding to it's individuality with their help and contributions. Sonic Base would not be here if it weren't for you guys, so thanx!!
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