My Saintly Canine Kids

Welcome to my homepage about my wonderful canine kids!!

This is still a huge work in progress so come back often!! I will be posting more pictures and some great stories about my canine "kids"!

I also intend for this page to have a large section of Saint Bernard, Flat-Coated Retriever and Chow Chow links. I want this to be a site where you can find out where to go to get pretty much all the info you need on Saints, Flat-Coats and Chows. There are already a few at the bottom of the page as well as some miscellaneous pet links. I hope you enjoy them. (You just HAVE to see the Saint Bernard cartoons page!!)

Now, I will turn the page over to the kids... happy face

Our mom started this page so that she could talk about us. That is one of her favorite things to do!! She likes to show us off too. We hope you enjoy looking at all the pretty pictures of us. I know mom has loved putting them here for you!!

Weylin playing in his swimming pool On May 16, 2005 Weylin passed away. He was the perfect friend. This old house is terribly empty and lonely without Weylin in it. I think it will be like that for a long, long time.

In his final years, Weylin suffered from a neurological disorder which caused him to lose the ability to walk. Caring for him was not a burden--it was a pleasure. I was so happy to have the time with him. Even Bernadette and Max would do thier parts in helping to care for him.

I know that now he is in a better place--running and playing with Chewy. I just know they're getting into some kind of mischeif. happy face

As I said below about Chewy, it doesn't matter how many years pass, there will always be the memory of Weylin in this house. And I wouldn't have it any other way...

Bernadette Resting in the garage Bernadette resting in the garage after a walk

My name is Bernadette. I'm a Saint Bernard. I will turn eight on July 28, 2005. My birthday is the same day as my mom's uncle and twelve days after hers so we like to have a big, special celebration for it. I really like that because it means I get to have some of my favorite things in the whole world: PIGS EARS!! I dearly love them and could eat them all day long!! Of course, I could go through A LOT of them in a days time. It only takes me a couple of minutes to eat a big ear!!

Mom is always telling me that for every ounce a Saint Bernard weighs they have ten pounds of love in their heart. I think this is really nice because I am a very good girl--sometimes!! I can be naughty every now and then, but the again, all kids can!!

I hope you like the pictures of me that mom has put here. They were taken on my first birthday. I had just come in from playing outside. You can probably tell that because of my dusty knees!!

Chewy playing Santa

On September 24, 2002 my beloved Chewy went to a better place free of pain and suffering. He'll always remain in my heart and I will love him forever. Rescuing and taking care of him was one of the most rewarding things and greatest things I think I have ever done. He may not be with me in body any longer but he will always be with me in spirit.

There are so many wonderful memories left behind from the time he spent with the family. I don't think those memories will ever fade.

It doesn't matter how many years pass, there will always be the memory of Chewy in this house...

Max's puppy picture

Hello! I'm Max!! I became a member of the family on October 5, 2002. I was eight weeks old when I came to live with Mom and my brother and sister. This picture was taken on the day I came to live with my new family. My new Mom thinks I resemble all the best of Bernadette and Chewy in both appearance and personality.

I'm quite good at finding and getting into trouble! It seems I can never be a good boy for longer than a few minutes before I have to find something to get into.

I have my own page containing more photos of me. There will be more photos to come soon because Mom just can't stop taking pictures! Please visit me!

Brandi, the Chow Chow

Hello! I'm Brandi!! I became a member of the family on Saturday, July 16, 2005. I was adopted from the local animal shelter. I am a full-blooded Chow Chow and am about three years old.

It took a while for me to get used to my new surroundings but once I finally did I knew I had nothing more to worry about. I've got the best new brother and sister in the world and my new Mom is spoiling me something aweful!

I have my own page containing more photos of me. My Mom has taken tons of pictures of me since adopting me. Right now, she's going through them all to choose the very best ones. When she's finished with that, she will get them posted on my page as soon as possible. Please visit me!

Miss Lucy

Hi! My name is Lucy! I became a member of the family on Saturday, September 24, 2005. I am a rescue dog that is part Saint Bernard and part Golden Retriever. I am approximately 14-15 months old.

I am currently a pretty sick little girl. I have heartworms. I'm undergoing heartworm treatment and have already had my first series of shots. I'll get the second series in about a month. I want to run and play with my new family but I must wait until my treatment and recovery is over before I exert myself. Everyone who knows and loves me is certain that I'll make a full recovery and be a healthy, strong and even happier girl in no time!

I have my own page that has some early photos of me (and will soon have tons more pictures). Stop by it if you'd like to learn more about me!

**I am so thankful (and I know Miss Lucy is thankful too!) to David and Emily for finding out about Lucy and going above and beyond to see to it she was rescued and for making sure I immediately received the veterinary care. Without them, she would never have gotten the chance at a good and happy life that she so deserves. She's an amazing dog that I'm positive will make an amazing recovery.**

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