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Exhibitor & Breeder of Keeshonden since 1967. Founded in South Africa in 1967 on wholly UK bloodlines & relocated to New Zealand in 1996, where our KENNEL  was “re-started”. A small but top-winning Keeshond kennel based on some of the world’s finest American & English bloodlines.

Starkenburgh is situated on 8 acres of pastureland, dotted with large trees in the rural countryside about 50km from Auckland city centre. All my dogs are raised together in my house as valued family members who lounge on sofas and watch TV in our family room. They lead a very healthy lifestyle, and unlike many Kees, do not spend their lives locked up in either kennels or cages. They swim in ponds, race around the acreage and are continually playing with each other. They are my pets first and foremost.

Our philosophy. It has never been our mission in life to subsidize the family income or to populate the world with little Kees. Nor have we bred litter after litter (unlike most kennels) in the hope that “this time we’ll get a good one”. In our breeding program we have always visualised the type that we are aiming for, and have looked very carefully at conformation, pedigrees and the background of our breeding stock. For the past 13 years we have analysed video footage of all the dogs exhibited annually at the National Keeshond show in USA. This has given us insight into the movement and type of most of the ancestry behind the majority of Australiasia's imports out of North America.

We have always been very selective in our choices and have been equally discerning in not allowing our stud dogs to be used on inferior or pet quality bitches. Nor do we support, unlike most kennels, back-yard breeders or the use of TradeMe and eBay for the advertising of our puppies.

Here at Starkenburgh we do not breed quantity, we are not kennel blind, and the next breeding should always be an improvement on the previous one.  

Take note puppy buyers:  PHPT is a very scary disease that is prevalent to the Keeshond breed! PHPT is the acronym for Primary Hyperparathyroidism. Request a written guarantee from the breeder or seller you intend to purchase from, that the parents of the puppy/dog you will be buying have been tested and are clear of the PHPT gene. If no written evidence can be given, then this will suggest that the parentage has not been tested or alternatively is not cleared by a tested negative status of their ancestors. It is a case of buyer beware. If the status cannot be proven, then it is better to wait for a breeder/seller who can show you this evidence. 

Please read my article reflecting "My trials and tribulations with the PHPT disease".     Look at this "video clip explaining this disease in a human "   My article is indexed in the December issue of the Kees on-line magazine, but the content appears to have been deleted, possibly due to our closing reference to the Epilepsy risk facing some Australasian kennels. I guess a case of "too close to home" !

My article, "Australasia's Epilepsy Risk - Alert !"  Please read this! It is better to be aware of issues and hopefully have a fighting chance of dodging that bullet, than not knowing and going headlong into hell.

Epilepsy is a scary disease with an almost "no future" aspect and hence everyone's reluctance to share info on it. However I have always been of the opinion that a breeder's worth is not whether they encounter problems, because most breeders will eventually, but how they deal with the problem. It is bad enough to lie to yourself and keep on breeding, but it is criminal to carry on lying to everyone about your problem in an attempt to protect your name or reputation at the expense and risk to owners, especially those families who have only one pet dog who means the absolute world to them, and they are suddenly faced with this horrible problem. Sadly, some folk continue to gamble and knowingly continue to closely inbreed on the "affected".
For the record: NO Starkenburgh Kees or bloodlines used are involved here.


A tribute to my 4 old timers – aged 12+yrs        L-R:  Robin, Emma, Pippa, Teddy
By AM Ch Candray Spirit in the Sky (USA) x AM NZ Ch Aurora’s High Hopes (USA Imp)

Sadly, Robin after a very sudden and unexpected diagnosis of cancer, very shortly thereafter was laid to rest on 3 March 2012. He was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever owned (7.12.1999 – 3.3.2012)
Emma, after a very unexpected diagnosis of pancreatitis, shortly thereafter passed on 1 March 2013. Always full of energy and lots to say! (7.12.1999 – 1.3.2013)
Pippa was laid to rest on 8 March 2013 after losing her 6 month battle with bowel cancer. She was always happy and loved trotting around the garden. (7.12.1999 – 8.3.2013)
Teddy was sent to heaven on 12 October 2014 - stopped eating & could no longer digest his food. Old age took over his struggle. A gentle, sweet soul, loved by everyone. (7.12.1999 – 12.10.2014)




NEWS FLASH: NZ Ch Calivale Sex Bomb (Aust Imp) produced a total of 5 pups from only 3 litters - each litter with a different dam.
All 5 pups are NZ champions.
A hat-trick was achieved during 2013, whereby a pup from each litter won either a BIS or RBIS at All Breeds Championship Shows!!

Now this is what I call a great sire!!

#1 New Zealand's Top Winning Keeshond for 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 & 2015 !!

#9 Top ranked Non-Sporting Dog for 2013 | #43 ranked NZ SHOW DOG OF THE YEAR 2013
#8  NZ Top ranked Non-Sporting dog 2011  |  #49  NZ Top Show dog of the year 2011

#2  NZ Top ranked Non-Sporting dog 2010  | 
#27  NZ Top Show dog of the year 2010   (dogzonline pointscore system)

 MBIS & Multi RBIS NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor  – "Happy"  -  Platinum Award of Merit for winning over 100 Challenge Certificates 

(by NZ Ch Calivale Sex Bomb (Austr Imp) x NZ Ch Starkenburgh Star So Magical)


Pictured here at nearly 11 yrs of age

2015: BEST IN SHOW under Faye Crooks (Australia) at 11 years of age

2014: Best in Group under Marie Merchant (S/Australia) at nearly 10 years of age
Reserve Best in Group under Sylvia Gartner (Australia)
2013: BEST IN SHOW under Glenda Cook (Australia),
and RESERVE BEST IN SHOW under Sue Gartner (Australia)


  #1 New Zealand's Top Winning Keeshond Bitch since 2005 

NZ Ch Starkenburgh Stole A Kiss  – "Belinda"  -  Platinum Award of Merit for winning over 100 Challenge Certificates 

(by NZ Ch Calivale Sex Bomb (Austr Imp) x Starkenburgh Stars In Yr Eyes)

#15 Top ranked Non-Sporting Dog for 2013

2013: September - "Belinda" wins Reserve Best Bitch (RCC) at Melbourne Royal Show in Australia, under Denise Janssen (Columbia)

March - wins RESERVE BEST IN SHOW under Fabricio Aguilar (Ecuador)
making Keeshond history as being the first NZ bred Keeshond bitch, in more than 15 years, to win this award!



#1 New Zealand's Top Winning Keeshond for 2012

#1 New Zealand's Top Winning Keeshond – Rising Star 2009, 2010  |  #9 NZ Top Ranked Non-Sporting dog – Rising Star 2010

 NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine  – "Kirby" 
(by NZ Ch Calivale Sex Bomb (Aust Imp) x NZ Ch Starkenburgh Society Babe)

#10 Top ranked Non-Sporting Dog for 2013

2013: RESERVE BEST IN SHOW, BEST OPEN IN SHOW under Mrs Kerry Cannon (NSW,Australia)

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