Stoner's Monster Mayhem #6

Page 1 (Cover): The Munsters (Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster).
Page 2: Maniac Sketchpad by Terry L. Doubleday.
Page 3: Credits; Table of Contents; From the Editor;
Page 4: Maniacal Monster Mumblings - Maniacal Mail.  Includes a maniacal thank you from FJA as well as a nice letter from Ron Borst (Hollywood Movie Posters and the book Graven Images)!
Page 5: Ask Uncle Forry.  Questions from fellow Maniacs that only the Ackermonster can answer!
Page 6: Maniacal News - A Closer Look... includes a closer look at the FJA CD-ROM, Hammer Horror Videos to be Released from Anchor Bay Entertainment and the 1997 Fanex Convention.
Page 7: Ad for the 1997 Monster Bash Convention starring Sara Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Jr., Ron Chaney and the Ackermonster!
Page 8: Maniac Movie File - Special Edition... The Munsters by Richard Stoner.
Page 9: Wonderfest '97 by Richard Stoner... article about the convention as well as my trip to it.  Also a photo of a couple of highly collectible magazines offered by Stoner's Monster Mayhem including a Cinema 57 and Warren's House of Horror (actually the photo consists of a border surrounding total blank space as the two previously mentioned magazines somehow grew some legs and walked away.  So... the photo really doesn't show ANYTHING).  The magazine were never to be seen again!
Page 10 - 14: Pat Priest (a.k.a. Marilyn Munster) An Interview With Richard Stoner.  Probably my finest interview.  She was so giving on the phone when we conducted the interview.  She was very nice and real pleasure to talk to. 
Page 15: Pat Priest 8" x 10" Autographed Photos.  
Page 16  - 18: Munster's Crossword Puzzle developed by fellow Maniac Richard Olson.  Lots of info on the Munsters!
Page 19 - 23: Monster From Crestwood House by Richard Olson.  Article about the highly collectible books that feature our favorite monsters.
Page 24: Crestwood House by Dustin Jablonski.  Fellow Maniac has his own remembrances of the Crestwood House series of books.
Page 25: Maniacal Birthdays including Lon Chaney, Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Basil Rathbone.  Also on this page... SMM Back Issues.
Page 26: Maniac Monster Club Members; Photo of Charles Ogle obtained by Richard Olson; Next Issue;
Page 27: Stoner's Monster Mayhem Mail-Order Catalog (some of the items available).  Also an ad for joining the SMM Maniac Monster Club.
Page 28 (Back Cover): A Maniacal Word From... Herman Munster (a.k.a. Fred Gwynne); BE A STONER!