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This is stuff that I find funny, you know, jokes, errors, facts and all that I have collected for your laughing pleasure. Now you may say "Hey, that's not funny!", well.. you just have no sense of humour then so bugger off and leave me alone! Like I said, TO ME IT'S FUNNY. If you get offended by this stuff just remember: It's only a joke! off and leave me alone! Here's a collection of stuff that I find reasonably funny , some of it doesn't make me crack up laughing but it makes me want to.
Beware. The following content may make you laugh. 

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Occupation Related       Relationships/Men&Women       Countries and their Weirdness
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Just Added Since Last Update
Things That sound Dirty In Law But Aren't

Actual English Subtitles Used in Hong Kong Films
Actual Excepts from Classified Ads
How to Please Your IT Department
Worst Opening Line of a Book
Courtroom Transquips (more added)

Computer/Technology Related

Things I learned from Video Games
If People were as dumb about cars as they are with computers
Why e-mail is like a penis
Why Dogs Don't Use Computers
Far Beyond Computer Illiterate
Modern Creation(God didn't seem very good with computers)
Error Messages
Top Ten Things Win95 Would Say If It Could Talk
Zen of Computing/Not Hog Raising
Guide To Safe Fax  

School Related

Kids Say the Darndest Things
Children's Letters to God
Letter to Parents from College Student
World's Worst Analogies
The World According to Student Bloopers

Occupation Related

Monthly Overall Employee Evaluation
Stupid Real Job Interviews
Things You Don't Want To Hear During Surgery
Occupational Health and Swearing
Occupational Jokes
Monty Python Argument Clinic
The US Navy (actual transcript of radio conversation)
Advertisement Bummers
What Doctors Really Mean
  Courtroom 'Transquips'


Tough Questions:"where do you see this relationship going?"
Things Not to say During Sex
Damage Control
Kids Answers to Love
Drugs for Men
A Comparison Between The Sexes
Pickup Lines

Countries and the Like

The Best of the Worst Country-Western Song Titles
Signs from England
Dumb State Laws
The Italian In America

People and their Conflicts

Another Boring Night
A Tale Of Two Jerks
Hiding Out At Halloween
Why I'm Afraid Of Imposter Body Sprays
Correct Attire
Deductive Reasoning

Movie/TV Related

Forrest Gumpism --Chocolates
Star Wars Horoscopes
Star Wars Funny Stuff (includes sexually tilted lines and song lyrics)
Star Wars Fraternity


Confucius Say...
Bumper Stickers and Taglines On The Way
Real Answering Machine Messages
Daily Affirmations
How Weird Are You?
Beer Drinkers Guide To the Galaxy
Absurd Warning Labels
Bloopers From Church Bulletins
Types Of Poo (gross!)

From The Intergalactic Home Page:

Practical Jokes (from alt.shenanigans)
Deep Thoughts
The Bastard Operator From Hell Collection!

This is hilarious stuff from Simon aka The Bastard Operator From Hell, I don't recommend you read all of his works unless you're very familiar with computer stuff because while I found that the first couple of parts were funny, the rest were okay but dragged on cuz I didnt' understand some of it. Read the first Bastard Operator From Hell and then skip down and read Other Fine Works From Simon.

Things To Do In Given Situations.

20 Ways to Confuse Santa
25 Christmas Ideas to Torture Your Roommate
How To Be Annoying
40 Things To Do On A Bus
55 Ways To Get Rid Of A Blind Date
50 Things to do in a Church
50 Things To Do In A Computer Lab
25 Ways Of Coping With Stress
50 Things To Do In An Elevator
30 Things To Do At A Funeral
50 Fun Things To Do In A Final That Does Not Matter
40 Signs Of Insanity
100 Ways To Freak Out Your Roommate
100 Ways To Order A Pizza
35 Things to do in a Shower Stall
25 Things To Say To A Police Officer
Things to do in various places
50 Things To Do In A Public Toilet
51. go in stall with peanut butter paste (crunchy?) and smear it onto toilet paper, roll it under occupied stall and say "Oops, could you please kick that back?". I guess if you're really sick, you could try strawberry jam.

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