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Guestbook Deleated Welcome to my virtual scrapbook.  This is just an outlet for me to show some pictures and tell a story or two.  I love photography so I have everything from photos of my family to live Dream Theater shots to a ghost captured on film.  Also, I have written a review of a John Edward seminar that I attended in 2001. You can also read about my grandmother's old haunted house,   and a story of a strange but true coincidence involving birds and my deceased grandmother.

I haven't updated my scrapbook in a long time, but feel free to browse.  I do keep my Bloggers current, so be sure to check them out often.

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Sharon's Random Thoughts



Nine Months



Sharon's Page
This is my family, friends and pet scrapbook  See photos and read stories about them here!

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Chip's Site
This is my husband's site.  He recently updated it with some unique shots that I took of him.

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Our New Addition
On January 26, 2002 we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Maleena, into the world.

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Youngblood's 45 Database
This is my dad's site which contains his database of 45 records.  He has over 7000!

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Ghosts, Psychics & Other Stories

A Ghost Story
This is a story and some photos of my grandmother's old haunted house.

Also, visit the "Ghostbook" to tell your own story!

Coincidence or Messages From Beyond?
Read this story of how I feel my grandmother made an attempt to let me know that she is still watching over us from the other side. .

The John Edward Experience
On June 8, 2001, I had the privilege of seeing a John Edward seminar.  This is my review of this most enjoyable event.

Grandma's House Revisited
16 years later, I had the chance to revisit the haunted house once again.  See the new pictures!!!


Live Dream Theater Pictures and In Store Pictures
Dream Theater is my favorite band.  If you like them too, you're going to love these photos taken February 2000 from the SFAM tour.
Dream Theater 2002

See a sample of the awesome pictures that my friend Kara took at the Pittsburgh Show on September 7, 2002.

Dream Theater Concert Ticket Stubs

These are the stubs from all but one show I've seen.

Miss Sharona's Music Box
Chip wrote this lovely song for our wedding.
la la la

Other Hobbies And Interests

I love to read, especially spiritual/metaphysical topics. This is just a list of the more interesting books that I've read.
Turtle Page & Kitty Page
Okay, I love pets...especially mine. So, of course I had to give them their own web pages. What kind of person would I be if didn't?!
meow  Fred meow
Here is my photo gallery which includes a few of my favorite shots.
Cruise Pictures!
My husband and I took this most wonderful cruise a few years ago. Here you will see a tiny sample of the photos that we took while we were there.
These are some of my favorite places to visit when I am on the web.
See some of my artwork...

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