This Is The Moody Blues

I have been a fan of the Moody Blues for 20 years, since I bought their 'Long Distance Voyager' album in 1981. The Moody Blues' music is soothing to me. Many times I have put on one of their CDs, down low, and let it play throughout the night. I wake up well rested and in a good mood. Once, in 1984, when I had a five hour wait in the Toronto Bus Station, I looked through the selections on the little table-top jukebox and found a Moody Blues song I had never heard before. It was 'Cities', the B side of the 'Nights in White Satin' single. I played it over and over and by the time I left the bus station I knew it by heart. I have tried to collect as many of their albums as I could find from any place I have been. I own a copy of 'Question of Balance' that I picked up when I was in Japan. And I have an album called 'Nights in White Satin' that is a compilation album released in Germany. While I was in the US I bought 'Strange Times' and 'Caught Live + 5'. But most of my collection was purchased right here in Canada. I have the Moody Blues' Discography on my other website. I also have a short Moody Blues' Biography if you would like to know more about my favourite musical group. These pages are to display some pictures of the Moody Blues that I have collected from various places.
The first two pages each contain a picture I drew. The first is the cover of Justin Hayward and John Lodge's duet album 'Blue Jays'. The second is the cover of the Moody Blues' album 'On The Threshold of a Dream'. Then we'll move on to pictures of the group that other people have drawn, before finishing with photographs of the group, either individually or as a whole.


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