Megaman & co. are all characters from Capcom. I have nothing to do with Capcom, expect for buying and playing the games. This is not a official web site. These are my own opinions about the characters and games, so if you don't you them, you don't have to read them. All passwords & quiz answers I did ALL BY MYSELF!! Nobody is going to say that it's their code! I played the game. I grew up watching and playing Megaman since I was little. I put Roll & Zero on top 'cause their my favorites. The Fan Comics are MINE! So NO STEALING and putting 'em on your site and say their yours! Images from the games and etc. I will admit SOME came from other web sites. OTHERS I scanned in on my computer. And a few I drew too. Pro Action Replay & Game Shark Codes came from other web sites. Most are from Code junkies & Game Shark.com. Please don't ask me where everything came from because I have no idea... I just started this web site so you'll find a LOT under construction. I'm only allowed 15 MB on this web site, so I can't put any fancy clips or stuff like that. What do you expect? It's a FREE site. I'm poor so I can't afford a paying web site. Why do you think I don't have PS2? I barely got a Game Cube when it dropped in price. (Besides the ONLY game I want on PS2 is Megaman X7. Maybe X8 when it comes out.) Does that sound worth it? Nope. Anyway, I'm rambling so just ignore this and click on Roll & Zero to enter.
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