YamiMiko Rei's Tasuki Obsession Site
Just one of many websites dedicated to the best looking anime character ever.
I am new at all of this, so I think I've done pretty good for a beginner.
I will be adding info and pics as I find them. Enjoy your stay!
Who is this Tasuki of which Rei-chan speaks? Gallery!
YamiMiko Rei's current message:
I need a good picture of Tasuki's seishi symbol to add to this site! Please contact me at: YamiTasukiNoMiko@yahoo.com
Thank you sooooo much!
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Tasuki cryin' made the top 100.
Wanted..... so bad...
Adopted from: www.freewebs.com/ledastudios/me/adoptions.html
Couldn't live without being a member!
Yui-sama!!   Not Tasuki, but I like her anyway.
Yeah, so what if I wanted to add Yui?!?!
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Tasuki's Ring of Fire
Tasuki's Ring of Fire
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