Photo Gallery 3,  Early Skirting
This is the outfit I wore the first time I went in public in a skirt. (Photo was taken just before I left.) The skirt is made from a pair of Jeans.
This skirt was my second attempt. Made from an old pair of black chinos. This one went all over Cambridge MA. One winter afternoon
This the first store bought men's skirt
I purchased. A  Ed n Dales Short Kilt.
I spent may summer days around NH,
Maine, and Boston in this one.
This My first chino skirt. It came from Lands End. The Guitar is my main stage axe. A 1999 Fender Lonestar Stratocaster
This a ED n Dales long kilts. It also had many outings that first year
Utilikilt Photos 1:
Utilikilt Photos 2:
Photo1: Summer Looks
Photo2: Winter Looks
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