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Hello, My name is Dick Ackerman. I am a hetrosexual male and I live in central New Hampshire, USA.  I am a regular skirt wearer.  I am 60 years old, Married for 40 years to the same person.  I have one daughter, 39 years old and two grandchildren.  My main interests are Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.  (I ride a 1992 Sportster) I also enjoy photography and Drag Racing.  I am the lead guitar player in a 50's and 60's band called "Rough Edges aka The Oldies Band". I have been playing guitar for pay for 35+ years.

Me and skirts:  I have had the desire to wear skirts from early childhood.  I always watched all the little girls in their skirts and dresses and they looked so comfortable and fun.  My first experence with a skirt was to take a pillow case and cut off one end and make a skirt out of it.  I put it on and secured it with a belt.  Man it felt great and I was hooked.  I have been wearing skirt like garments every chance I get ever sense.  It has only been in the last six years that I have had the nerve to do it in public as a man.  Boy am i hooked now.  Skirts are by far the most comfortable garments that I own, and the most fun to wear.  I guess I am a bit of a exhibitionist.  I do really enjoy the attention that I get when I am out in a skirt.  When someone asks me why I am wearing a skirt I tell them it is because it feels good.  That usually makes them happy.  It is fun to watch the female sales clerks all runningaround Wal-Mart or the Mall trying to get a look at the man in a skirt.  If they knew how funny they looked they probably would be very embarresed.  It is fun to go up to the group, as they usuall bunch up, and ask them if I can answer any questions for them.  Sometimes they slink into the woodwork and sometimes they do ask about the skirt and why I am wearing it.  I answer any and all guestions as honestly as I can.  In the end some will say they wish their boy friends would try it. And others times I think they just don't get it.  But there isno question that they enjoyed seeing a skirt or kilt on a man.

Well that is about it.  I hope that the comments I have made here and the outfits that I show in the photo gallerys well help some of you to just go out and put on a skirt or kilt and go for it.  Guess what, the world well not come to an end and the sky won't fall in.  Just do it.  You well find out it is fun.  Wear your skirts and kilts proudly and with dignity.

Dick Ackerman
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