Mariners Games of 2002
This year, I will have gone to 4 or more Mariners games. I thought I would write about each one as I see them.
July 28
April 26
Mariners vs. Yankees
This my first Mariners/Yankees game, Roger Clemens, my brother's favorite player, pitched for the Yankees and James Baldwin pitched for the M's. Unfortunately, Baldwin, after pitching well in his first few starts, was having an off night. Roger Clemens was pitching his best. So, what can I say? We lost Paul was happy. Life goes on, right? However, I had been to 2 games the previous season and they lost both I began to feel very unlucky. We sat on the third-base line near the foul pole and that was my first time sitting on that side. We got a good view of the bullpen and pitchers, so I enjoyed that. The Mariners lost 7-1 and that made me sick to my stomach. I just hope I'm not unlucky for the Seattle Mariners.
Mariners vs. Angels
The Mariners and the Angels as of July 29th are practically tied in the AL West. I found out that I would get to go to the July 28th game in my new Edgar Jersey, and that we had excellent seats. We were 14 rows up from the field and just a little to the right of home plate. So, we were behind the screen. Before the game Gipson threw a ball to my brother and his friend, David, but it hit David in the throat and some snooty girl took it. The game started and I was ready to watch the Mariners win. I was also happy that I would get to see Edgar play (He had been injured before). Jamie Moyer faced Kevin Appier in a pitching duel. When Jamie was done at the end of the eighth inning, he had pitched a shutout with only four hits. Appier, though, also pitched a four hitter. Then Kazu came in in the top of the ninth and lost the game for us 1-0. I was really disappointed, but I liked the views that my seat gave.
August 4
Mariners vs.Indians
The Mariners had won every game between this game and the last one I attended, so a six game winning streak in the last game of the series vs. the sub-500 Indians. Unfortunately, John Halama was pitching so the Indians were up by four in the fifth inning. Then in the bottom of the fifth, Edgar sliced one to the right field foul line for a double and scored Ichiro and Maclemore.  They had cut the score in half. However in the sixth Cleveland, whose lineup is without a single .300 hitter, scored four runs to bring the score to a hopless looking 8-2. Luckily, in the other half of the inning, Cameron homered to left to start things off Then, after hitting a foul just behind us in section 140(weird because it's on the left side to the left of the dugout), Ichiro singled and Mac brought him home by a single up the middle and a little left. Strange as it is, I predicted the three hits just before they happened (location, too). Then, with two on, Ben Davis Tripled and the score was tied 8-8. No one scored in the 7th and 8th, so Kazu was brought on to close up the ninth and he ruined the rally by giving up 2 runs. That's the second time I've seen him blow it. The Mariners lost 10-8 and once again the loss went to him.
September 2
Mariners vs. Twins
I have been looking forward to this game all year because the Mariners and Twins are my favorite team. For the first time I hung out by the visitor's dugout because I was intrigued by the few autograph seekers and the readily available autograph givers. Unfortunatly, I didn't get any autographs, but I almost got Doug Mientcaweicz's(no idea how to spell that) autograph, I was about to hand him my program when he left. On the other hand though I talked, yes talked, with Ron Gardenhire, the fantastic manager of the Twins. I told him that I thought he had done a great job with the Twins this year and he said "thanks for saying that, I really appreciate it." He was very nice to all the people and was sure to say hello to everyone. Now to the game. Jacque Jones hit a lead off double that eventually scored a run off Piniero in the first. They kept hitting and a few innings later got another run in. At 2-0 it was looking bad, but then the M's scored 2 runs in the fourth with an awesome Edgar RBI double. It was still a tie in the top of the eight when Arthur Rhodes struck out the side. In the bottom of the eighth Boone hit a single and Edgar walked, Olerud grounded to advance the runners (Ugueto as a pinch runner for Gar). Then another out came and some one needed to the ball, but it was the bottom of the order. Lou pinch hit Ruben Sierra who ripped one to the  right-center scoring Boone and Ugueto. Gipson pinch ran for Sierra as Desi Relaford (it was Ichiro's day off) streaked a double to make the final score 5-2 after a double play gave Sasaki the save . Ichiro came in to right in the bottom of ninth. This is by far the best game I have ever attended, not to mention they won. And I left my hat, I KNOW it's unlucky.
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