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All of the sample pages shown below are from my own scrapbook collection. These pages feature my friends and family.
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Dear Friends,

Is this snow ever going to end?  If you live in the midwest, you know exactly what I'm talking about!  Cold and Snow!  Any advantages?  OF COURSE!  More time for indoor activities, such guessed it - SCRAPBOOKING! 

During the winter I practically hibernate.  I feel a little tired and lazy.  But one thing that I can do to prevent cabin fever is to work on my scrapbook pages.  I'm sure that you, like many of us, are hopelessly behind on your photos by now.  I find that this time of year I still have a stack of summer photos, some adorable Halloween pictures, and add dozens of Christmas pictures on top of those.  The pile keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

Where's a good place to start?  When your pile of pictures is overwhelming, you may want to begin with a sort.  You DO NOT need to scrapbook every single picture from the pool parties or from Christmas morning.  As scrapbookers, we tend to take a lot of pictures to ensure that we get that perfect shot.  And yes there is such a thing as too many pictures. 

While your sorting your pictures, put them into different piles.  1)  Work on immediately, 2)  Archive for scrapbooking later,  3)  Photos for a  theme album, or 4)  photos to insert into a regular photo album.  Believe me, the more photos you choose to put into photo albums, the more enthusiastic you'll be about starting scrapbook pages with your much smaller, much more manageable group of photos.

Preserving your memories isn't just a gift for the next generation, it's a gift you give to yourself!

I'd love to hear your suggestions on how you manage to keep up your albums with a busy schedule - CONTACT ME!  I'm sure many others would be interested in hearing your advice.  Email (or snail mail) pictures or scans of your pages to me and I'll post them on this Queen Bee Scrapbooks site.  What a great way to show off your own works of art!  Or send me your ideas, hints or suggestions.  I'd love to hear from you!

(Before you leave, please don't forget to sign my guestbook.)

                                                                                                                                  Lee Ann
Scrapbooks make wonderful heirlooms, as well as beautiful gifts.

I can create scrapbook pages with your pictures or without pictures. 
Theme pages can be made - all you have to do is add the photos and journaling.
Get your photographs out of the closet and into great looking scrapbooks!

Not everyone has time to complete their own scrapbooks.
So why not let me do them for you?

Pages available are -  8 1/2 x 11 ($7.00 including page supplies), 12 x 12 ($10.00 including page supplies), or 5 x 7 ($5.00 including page supplies).

8 1/2 X 11 Pages     $5.00 (regularly $7)
12 x 12 Pages     $8.00 (regularly $10)
5 x 7 Pages     $3.00 (regularly $5)

Order must be placed by June 1, 2004

Please contact me for more information and a free consultation!
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
Many adoption agencies are now offering clients and birth mothers the opportunity to utilize pictures in assisting with the adoption choice/process.  Pictures allow the birth mother a glimpse of what the adopting person/s are like - hobbies, religion, family.
Use the Adoption Link below to find out more.
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On-Line Ordering
Ordering has never been easier!  ~  If you're interested in starting a project but unsure how to begin, just click below, answer some questions and follow the links.  It's that easy!  I'll ask you questions about your choice of album/s, page style preferences, likes and dislikes.  Each page you complete will be emailed directly to me.  I'll take a look at your information and contact you.  Together, we'll start your scrapbook album or scrapbook pages.

Still not sure you want to make a commitment?  No problem!  Each form page contains information that will help you create your own album from scratch.  Just print out the pages to use as a guide.  You'll have a clear idea of what style scrapbook is right for you.
As always, feedback is appreciated.  I'll be happy to answer any questions you have and would love to hear about your own scrapbook projects.

NOTE: It's EXTREMELY important that you provide your contact information on EACH page.  Otherwise, I won't know who sent the completed form.  I will contact you after receiving your information.  So, if you don't hear from me within two days after submission, please let me know.


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Order Queen Bee Gift Certificates!
Gift Certificates are GREAT!  Now you can purchase Gift Certificates for as many pages as you would like.  The recipient can then contact me to redeem their Gift Certificate and I'll get started on their special scrapbook.  Gift giving couldn't be any easier!  These are especially nice when you have a hard time getting ahold of someones pictures or are unsure what style of scrapbook they would enjoy.  Just call or email me and I'll have your Gift Certificates ready in no time!
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