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I am so glad you could stop by and visit my castle amist the clouds, my virtual home on the net.

Aren't these butterfly babies by Anne Geddes absolutely Precious? All the butterfly sleeping babies have a special meaning to me, as they represent my children.

My first son Alex is now an Angel in Heaven (hence the sleeping) and my second son Nicky is afflicted by a devastating and life threatening skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa. Children with EB are dubbed as being the "Butterly Children", because their skin is so incredibly fragile--fragile as a butterfly wing (hence the butterfly).
My third little boy was born healthy, and I count my blessings each and every day.

Just to give you a hint of how awful Epidermolysis Bullosa is, it has been ranked as part of the Top 10 "Hell on Earth" sicknesses diseases/disorders on a survey done on the internet in 1996. No child should ever be subject to this much pain!

I am providing for you some tissue paper just in case you need it! I've been told by numerous people that they find themselves in tears, so be forewarned!

On this enormous website (145 pages in the EB Info World portion alone) you will find out a lot about EB, a lot of information and support regarding Pregnancy Loss and you will also find out a little bit (well, a lot actually) about myself, why I am called "Princess Silvia" and why I named this site my "Kingdom", and more, including my Web Design website, aimed at raising awareness about EB and offering affordable Web Design services, including my elegant Wedding Albums, along with Free Graphic Sets. I am a Web Developer in my "real life", so this stuff is my life... ha ha

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Thank you! By linking to my web design site you are also spreading awareness about EB... Bless you! Make sure to drop me an email so I can link back to you! :)

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