I created this site in the hopes of sharing my meager and unworthy talents at poetry with the world at large. I am not a great poet. These are my attempts at poetry. I doubt I will ever write anything that rhymes. I am attempting to write some Haiku now. I will add them as I complete them. I find poetry is very difficult for me to create. I know what I want to say, but inspiring the emotion and feeling I want to convey with it, is the hard part for me. But it has increasingly become more of a labor of love for me.

I hate having to say this because everyone should be responsible enough to claim credit for only their own work. All the poems created by me are strictly my own work and are copyrighted. Not only in a literal sense but in the anguish, joy and pain I went through in untying my emotions long enough to place them on paper. What chaos that can be at times.

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