The Not-So-Vanilla Pattern
Welcome, brave soul, to the place where our boys go after dark, places where good little Mounties fear to tread! Don't let the little roses and the happy pinky background fool you. It's merely a disguise to lure you to the dungeons of the slaves, of the angst and of the dark recesses that will unfold to you in the stories selected specially for you in this page.

You have been warned.
Caveat lector applies here. Disclaimers apply, too.
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Stand alones
Restless (55k) - Ray gets a bit restless about their lovemaking. And so does Benny.

Missed (25k) - A different take at the end of Victoria's Secret.

Dinner for Four (18k) - Ray, Benny and friends trade a night out for a night in (m/m/m/m)
Tonight at eight (4k) - A phone call ruins Ray's night with Benny.

Take the Lead (33k) - My first Vecchio/Kowalski experiment.

Scary Story (7K) - Don' take the title lightly. It is scary. RayK fans, please read warnings carefully.

Valentine's Day
The card (13k) - Benny receives a disturbing Valentine card.
Valentine snapshot (1k) - Kinky treat.
Experiments in the Twisted Side

Who is the Boss? (25k) - The Mountie chooses his boss.
From Now On (28k) - Were the stakes too high?
The Surprise - (22k) - Master Ray prepares a surprise for Benny. But he may end up having one himself.                                                
There's no place like Rome Series

The Cubicle (23k) - In an ancient time, our boys live a doomed love.
Hot day at the baths (24k) - A good Roman citizen likes to unwind at the baths
The Close to the Edge Series
An episode-related series, inspired by a 1972 green classic Yes album.
Nearer the Edge (22k) - Wrong decisions when angst leads serious soul-searching.
Right at the Edge (20k) - When the emotional levee breaks, there's no place to hide.
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Everybody needs a mood lifter
Everybody needs to deviate from the norm"-
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