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Hi there as you can see there has been a few changes if you are a regular to this homepage, since making this page along time ago i have aged, gotten a little wiser a little ugly perhaps and sat back and thought mmmm my page is exactly the same as say Jo Public and thought it was time to introduce new ideas, on my old page it was all about music, such as Marilyn Manson, Korn and so on...now i realise there is much more interesting things in which i can express myself with, so here i am wrigting an explantion of what my site is all about..lets just say i think this new page has alot more interesting things on it than just "I think Korn rule because.." well i dont really care about that kinda shit anymore i do like the music but i just dont go around ranting it, this you see is a sighn of maturity, somthing i have been concentrating on recently and thought it was time for a change, look if you are 13-15 there are more importanat things about image and lifestlye than wearing a Korn hoody and black eayliner..........so pick up yah broomsticks and we'll be off then...
*The idea of "rock" music being used as a scapegoat for the mokery of the goverment, and issues of such*
*film media FAQ The Crow, Nightmare before Christmas*
*The Facination for he-man and She-ra*
*How to make a  coffin*
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