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The Spirit of Master Yogananda Clarifies some Spiritual Concepts

Spirit – Consciousness – Mind

Good and Evil

Astral Projection

Forecasts from Spirits

Planet Influence


Spirit – Consciousness – Mind

The MIND is the energetic envelope of the Perispirit. It lies in the cerebellum area, and it consists of astral matter, much denser than the Perispirit. The Perispirit has some astral matter also, but it is much more rarefied. The Mind plays the role of producing intentions, innovations, present and future creations, databases which store past actions, as well as ideas which were perceived, but not put into practice yet. It uses reasoning to create new things, it uses perceptions to receive as much as possible from the environment. Mind connects to Consciousness through a protecting intermediate layer, called ‘Preconsciousness’, which defends the Consciousness against the continual aggressive impulses from the Mind.

The CONSCIOUSNESS is a rarefied matter, finer than the Mind, and is located in the first layer of the Perispirit. It tempers the results of Mind activity, for them to reach the Spirit in a finer, highly stylish form. The Consciousness, together with the Perispirit on the whole, is an energetic filter between Mind and Spirit, who have a permanent exchange of energy. The physical body concentrates all its impulses in the Mind. The Mind continuously reports them to the Spirit, who is located in the cerebral trunk area.

The SPIRIT is the supreme leader of the human being. The Spirit sends through Consciousness to the Mind its agreement or disagreement with what happens to human body, along with Its moment-by-moment directives, which are needed to moderate the body activity.

The EGO is the part of the Perispirit who is responsible with the passage between Spirit and Consciousness, it is the access way between these two segments.

The MEMORY is a Mind accessory, useful for storing the data gathered from the physical plane. It is a layer of astral matter sheltered in the human brain, adjacent to Consciousness, but isolated from the Spirit.

If a man takes serious actions against the morality prescribed by the Divine Will, his Spirit is considered weak, incapable of regulating the physical body activity, and hence it is sent to a lower space. By lowering its vibration, the Spirit is punished in order to expiate its mistakes, to repent of sins, because, having reached closer to human nature and getting to know better the state in which the body is, it can easier take the proper decisions to reform the respective person.

The closer to earth the vibratory plane is, the more difficult the situation is, the more troubles and the more to do the Spirit has. Firstly, it must avoid the inferior entities, which swarm in the lower astral, and sometimes even reach the middle astral. Secondly, the space density is higher while getting nearer to the physical plane, and a high Spirit, who has resided some time in a superior, refined, pure space is subject to an indescribable sufferance when forced to go down. The higher, the better : calm, peace, no enemy. By getting lower, all kind of obstacles emerge : denser space, annoying entities, troubles all the way. The Spirit is forced to permanently check its past and present karmic survey, to analyze its most recent evolutionary stage, for taking measures to persuade the Consciousness and the Mind that certain actions must be taken in the physical plane.

If, luckily, the Spirit collaborates with a pure and strong Consciousness, the latter directs the Mind efficiently. However, Mind activity is subordinated to human condition, there is a close relationship between body and Mind. A superior Mind imposes a pure, noble, elevated life to the brain and the body. But if the Mind is suffocated by bodily mistakes, nuisances happen, which are forwarded to the Consciousness and the Spirit.

When suffering, man relieves a huge quantity of malefic energy. He then instinctively repents by releasing the infested matter that stifles him. In this way, man preserves a pure energy, which allows accurate information to be transmitted from Mind to Spirit. Also, having been cleaned of the impure substance, the access passages can unhindered channel information from Spirit to body.

So, there is a hierarchy. The Spirit directs the Consciousness through the Perispirit. The Consciousness directs the Mind. The Mind tells the brain what the body must do for it to meet the orders of the Spirit. And, vice versa, the body stimuli are perceived by the brain, which synthesizes everything and reports it to the Mind moment-by-moment. The Mind, in its turn, synthesizes the information and sends it to the Consciousness. The Consciousness gives them the required fineness to be sent to the Perispirit, and the latter, after bringing them to an extremely high fineness, delivers them to the Spirit. The Spirit decodes information, compiles them at its level, and decides what must be done further.

In most of the cases not all the information from the brain reach the Spirit, because of the impurities from all over the passage. In this way the Spirit is misinformed and cannot take correct decisions. From the same reason it could happen the same in the opposite direction : orders from the Spirit do not reach, or reach distorted to the body. We may say that, although the Spirit is the King of human nature, the physical body is king on earth. Seldom these two kings are good brothers, this only happens to the wise men who manage to clearly receive their Spirits’ intentions and desires. But, most of the time, there are countless disagreements between the two leaders of the human being.


Good and Evil

When the physical body is impure, the person spontaneously prefers various kind of abuses, which worsens his impurity. It may sometimes happen that the incarnated low Spirits resonate very well with such bodies; from this co-operation spring up human monsters, tyrants who oppress people in all manners. These persons are more numerous than the wise men, whose divine presence is the effect of bringing themselves in accord with the high Spirits that they harbor inside. Because of this reason, planet Earth is a battlefield, where evil permanently face good, darkness face light, devilish beings face beings of light. Our duty, we from the subtle plane and from the earth, is to peacefully diminish this fight, with unseen and non-painful weapons, to discourage those debased restless entities, who fidget all the time and cause pain, sufferance and disaster in places where they have incarnated.

There are powerful Spirits, either beneficial or malefic. The Darkness world is a reflection in the mirror of the world of Lightness. God’s opponent is Satan. Their forces are comparable, antagonistic and boundless. You cannot reach Satan, as you cannot reach God either. Their energy is all-pervading. As there are many infinite energetic spaces which intersect, such there are many gods who rule over them. Each energetic system has its kings, a white one and a black one. In our Solar System God is the White King, and Satan is the Black one. It is the same in all the other energetic systems. Our Solar God is a Son of the God of the Universe – the Absolute God.


Astral Projection

Around each physical body lies the series of parallel planes which intersect, so that in all the Solar System the etheric matter is mixed with the astral and causal matter, all of them pervading the solid things. There is no strict delimitation between the so-called ‘parallel planes’.

In an ASTRAL PROJECTION man launches into space a robot of etheric substance without Spirit and Consciousness, but controlled by man’s Mind, who includes a part of it in that robot. It is the etheric part of the Perispirit that can be shifted, by collecting a part of the Mind (the Spare Mind), and thus comprised in the etheric shell detached from the physical body, it can travel in the astral or even upper realms.

The astral space is a world consisting in particles on which images are recorded. He who enters the astral by his double, or just by his mind, has free access to a part of the images from the route. They say that ‘man sees with mind’s eye’. Each astral atom, no matter how small or refined, is a photo device, so that everything that happens on Earth or in our Solar Universe is ‘astral photographed’. What you see when you enter the astral space are images and events having happened anytime in the past and anywhere in the present. You can get information on the future by way of inference, that is by starting an instantaneous automatic mechanism which reveals hypotheses on future events and situations, but you must realize you were just given an alternative, just a possibility of what will happen. The future is not certain, it cannot be delimited. You may get an astral prognosis, and it could prove to be exact, or a bit different, possibly in a reverse variant, or it does not confirm at all. Those who gain access by diverse methods to the astral memory (Akasha) do not really take responsibility upon themselves to tell anyone the precognitions they have received. Most of them release encoded forecasts, for those who interpret them in the course of time to be able to adapt it to their present time. Prognoses like Nostradamus’ may be explained in different ways, that is why they should not be taken as certain. Generally, it is better that the predictions should be given on shorter terms, otherwise random factors may occur, which may create new variants and compromise the validity of the prognosis.

THE ETHERIC PROJECTION occurs when you send your rarefied component into the etheric plane, you discuss with living men of the present, and you take part in their actions. Yet, your actions are illusory, because you are not there in flesh and blood, but only a ghost, like the dead men ghosts, the disincarnated spirits.

THE ASTRAL PROJECTON occurs when you enter the astral plane and have access to Akasha. You cannot take part at any action then, you are the spectator of some photographs following each other, or you watch short movies made by astral particles specialized in long recordings.

THE MENTAL PROJECTION occurs when launching your Spare Mind into much rarefied spaces than those accessible by the astral or etheric double. Launching an etheric double depends on the quantity of etheric energy you have. Instead, through special meditations you can mentally reach anywhere you wish using less energy, and this only depends on your keenness and quantity of brain energy.

During sleep, the physical body rests in its place, but the etheric body can leave. As soon as man falls asleep, the Spirit departs, taking along a part of the Perispirit, which is its astral and etheric protection. A part of the Perispirit remains in its place. The Mind stays in its place also, but it sends its etheric component (the Spare Mind) to escort the Spirit, if the latter asks it to.

Generally, the Spirit is independent, It travels during sleep time anywhere it needs to, being only protected by its perispiritual shell. Consciousness remains in the physical body, being the spare monitor who receive the orders from the moving Spirit, and stores them in the brain, for the Mind to get them. The Spirit leaves during sleep time to any realm it wants and has access to, it discusses with other spirits, gathers information and transmits them to Mind through Consciousness even in its absence, or after its return. The Mind, being bind to the physical body, is from some points of view limited, and either it receives all what the Spirit gives it, but it forget most of it, or it cannot carry out the orders, or it cannot take anything from the Spirit, if it is an impure, unpolished Mind.

This latter situation may have a beneficial or malefic implication, depending on the case. For example, if a devilish Spirit co-operates with a non-receptive, blocked Mind, the bad advice given by the Spirit are not properly taken by the Mind, and the negative effect is reduced a lot, and the physical consequences are less destructive then the Spirit wished. The ideal is when a high Spirit works with a fresh, highly polished, receptive, open mind. This is the case with the ‘enlightened persons’, who reach the superior spaces, nearer to the Divine Light. Opposite to these are the beings in whom the malefic Spirit is accompanied by a receptive Mind, and the results are most damaging bad actions.

During sleep, the Spirit travels all the time and sends impressions to Consciousness as images and sounds in each moment. The Mind acquires them from the Consciousness in accordance with its receptivity. Only a share of the impressions received by the Mind are retained in the brain, so when awaken it remembers the conveyed images and sounds more or less. So, dream recollection depends on brain’s remembering capacity, under Mind’s commands.


Forecasts from Spirits

With regard to forecasts : we quantify everything – we analyze all present data, and draw the conclusions. Here, in the upper spheres, nobody lies, but there are different points of view. Mother of God, Jesus Christ and God the Lord speak very laconically and avoid risking forecasts. They only utter when They are certain. Ordinary spirits have changing points of view.

But you should rather build up your own future !


Planet Influence

You can never be independent of planetary movements. According as you purify yourself, you become responsive to planetary configurations and to all that surrounds you. The Sign influence persists for the rest of physical life, but you should not feel restricted by horoscope. You will bear the Sign’s general characteristics after death, too. Only those from the Vedic plane succeed in getting rid of zodiac, for they are not compelled to incarnate anymore.



Time is constant. God conducts everything calmly, not shockingly. The Universe cannot be conceived with trepidations. Everything is perfectly planned at macrocosmic level, there is an infinite slowness…

Pralaya (End of the Cosmos) may occur, but it is out of the question so far. God wants the Universe as it is. God have in view the continuity of life on different planets. It is only a speculation that a civilization at its apogee should be destroyed. We cannot conceive a total destruction. God wants to preserve life, even though living beings sin.

The yogis have different opinions about dividing time in ‘yugas’ (ages). You are in Kali-yuga (Darkness Age) now, but that does not mean you will be all annihilated; Apocalypse has been happening for decades. It is merely a point of view that Satya-yuga (Golden Age) will come next. Time has not ended, Apocalypse is not as tough as they have forecast… Time division in ‘yugas’ is not a rule. Each religion and people have their opinions. Read a lot, but accept what it suits you ! Be impartial in interpretation of events and ideas ! Do not adopt a single idea, for it leads to fanaticism ! Think clear, without passion and you will do better !

It is true that a large-scale periodicity exists, but it should not be approached simplistically, like ‘raze a civilization, make another’. Now is about continuation, not reemergence. The Universe has grown-up, and God wants maintenance and improvement.

From the pessimistic forecasts on Apocalypse you should keep that virtuous people will have a Divine protection. He, who knows himself to be pure, should not be obsessed by Apocalypse. You, the pure ones, be optimistic and go on your way ! You are and will be shielded by the Supreme Divinity !

The Universe does not collapse as methodically as some allege. Cosmic disasters may occur, but everything is changeable in Universe. You cannot foresee too far in time. So, do not poison people’s hearts by inoculating them with doubts, anxieties, disappointments ! These are negative emotions which stress people and disturbs them from the daily duty : aspiration for the future. We cannot live forever by imagining a roof of fire above us. We need sanguine people, mentally and bodily vigorous, not some mentally unbalanced, puzzled and obsessed ones.