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UFO - closed area. ALIENS ARE HERE!

Many more authorized voices say that aliens exist out there in the Universe, but also close to us earthlings. Much closer than we can imagine ... In this chapter I refer to certain alive extraterrestrials, revealing their thoughts and habits, which earthlings know very little about. I was assisted in this delicate work by my spiritual guide, IBRAHIM, to whom I will remain forever grateful.

Nina PETRE, parapsychologist



Extraterrestrial AHI

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 (sketch drawn by Nina PETRE,  parapsychologist)



"I came to Earth with a very good spacecraft, which I built together with my brothers on the green planet. It is billions of years away from Earth, in a place too remote for people to ever reach there. We breathe gases (*) which would kill the earthlings instantly. We would also die very quickly if we stayed in the air on the surface of the Earth more than a few hours.  Our ship reached the ground very shortly after the big war that has changed the world had ended (**). We've landed in the great jungle (***). I knew from our brothers who had arrived there many years before, that you can find hidden places where you can enter underground. We can breathe freely there, in depths, where no man would resist. We have formed a whole tribe, myself and the two friends with whom I came. The ship was torn to pieces after it fell in the forest, and its debris are now covered with many herbs. My friends, a man and a woman, have agreed us to become a tribe. Decades passed from our arrival. Now we are many, because we have children. We multiply ourselves as humans do, but it is much easier. The woman has no pain when she gives birth to a baby. Here, under the ground, we have a very large place to live in, with many caves and passages between them. We usually get out in the forest at night, because daylight turn us blind. We can breathe the air just until the morning comes. We may find many small animals and insects to eat. Our skin color is like a snakeís which one cannot see well (****). We can send our thoughts to our brothers from the distant planet. Others have tried to come to us, but have reached too far. Many have died, others have descended under the mountains. We are many, deep inside the Earth. People have no way to help us because they donít find us. We keep away from them, since we have received the thoughts of some friends who told us that humans are our enemies. "


* Methane and carbon dioxide

** The Second World War

*** The Amazon jungle

**** Dark gray

2nd February 2009

Message received telepathically by Nina PETRE, parapsychologist