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Message from the Spirit of Great Philippine Healer Antonio Agpaoa

I, Antonio Agpaoa - who was briefly called Tony - I wish to convey to the whole world on Earth, through this exceptional psychic medium, all that I conceal in my endless immortal soul and is worth being written.

In my last life on Earth (but not the last in the Universe) I was a very modest man, hardworking to the limit of self-sacrifice for my fellows, good-hearted as the coconut pulp and gifted by Holy God with what is priceless for a human being: the gift of healing. I kept many things away from my fellow men’s curiosity that which would have been too risky for them: the secret science of healing. I was not an arrogant, as some believed me to be. I was not a charlatan, a profiteer of the occult, as I was often accused by those who did not manage or wish to understand me. For me, life represented a golden chain embellished with the jewel of self-knowledge and knowledge of man. I was so endowed with a healer’s natural qualities that sometimes I was afraid that, from my desire to reach perfection, I would become a monster with so much  energy that, in a moment of absent-mindedness, I could destroy humankind by the force of my mind.

Many tried to entice me to their occult battles, which were not seen but were definitely felt by many unhappy people. Well-known magicians in my area or some who came from elsewhere, wanted and insistently - often by menace that proved not to work - proposed me to join them or their groups in order to gain fortunes from swindling the naive ones who wanted some exoticism. Although I often asserted I was only guided by God, staying away from the delusive and controversial world of the unseen beings called "spirits" or "simple entities", I fully felt their often beneficent and sometimes malicious influence. Some events took place in my existence of which I strongly refused to speak of. I did not have too much interest in black magic practices which are so much spread throughout the archipelago. People’s lives in the tropical lands are tightly bound to the spirits’ world. Without them, the Pacific world would lose its mystery and exotic attraction for the tourists. I wish to speak now about this life full of dangers and mystery.

My healings, which some considered to be miraculous, were the result of my endeavour to make use of my divine gift, which I received from Above, to drive away the evil from people’s bodies. I was watched, listened, copied, imitated, overwhelmingly publicized. Those who wanted to learn something good from me and had God’s permission succeeded in becoming meritorious healers, renowned all over the world. Some people stayed by me in order to deprive me of the power of healing by the force of my mind, who were utterly envious for what I could do and they could not. They attacked me by all possible means, visible and invisible, wanting to kill me without any trace. I knew everything they intrigued against me to destroy me. In the evening or late in the night, when I tried to meditate so as to remove my terrible body and mind fatigue – which was much to dangerous to let it overwhelm me -, I was watching the film of the day’s events with my vivid mind’s eyes.

I had my untold secrets, because I wanted to protect my family and patients from the unseen and ever hostile world. I fully experienced certain men’s power to harm me. Had I lived in other geographical area, less raged in by the crave for revenge and for invisible evildoing, I may have lived at least 100 years of age. Many said that I died too soon because of overworking as a healer or because of my imprudence in treating patients. The cause of my death was largely discussed, and finally they reached to a puerile, generally accepted conclusion: it might have been the foolish self-sacrifice in my work. This is not the truth about my death.

As I did not have peace of the soul in the world I am now, I have searched for years for a human being capable of receiving my thoughts and thus getting the Agpaoa’s post-mortem astonishing memories. I am hoping this message will spread all over the world and reach to my offspring, my dears who cried for me for days and nights after I left them. May you be blessed who truly loved me!"

Message received by Nina Petre in 1996