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KARMA (in Brahman philosophy): Universal law, under which the person's fate is determined by actions and conduct in this and in previous incarnations (lives); fate, destiny.

 DEX, Romanian Explanatory Dictionary, 1998

A short, clear and complete definition. It is the quintessence of the huge millennia-old human sufferance, which has allegedly been considered without origin and reason, id est undeserved. It is when God's anger touches us painfully that we ask ourselves in horror: whose sins do we expiate? What is our guilt for others' mistakes? The answer is stupendous: we suffer from this life's errors, from our parents' and relatives' sins. Yet, our ordeal is not enough to turn us out pure and chaste before The Almighty hereafter. The life sparkle, which we carry within from the moment we stuck to our mother's womb up till the instant we pass in eternity, has had many human body forms throughout history. These we may call 'our Spirit's incarnations'. Our spiritual predecessors were the tens, hundreds, thousands human beings having sheltered the same life sparkle, the same Spirit within their bodies. As mistake is human, how many unpunished blames were left by our spiritual ancestors? How many unrewarded merits lay in the astral memory? There are many, exceedingly many, we cannot even imagine how many they are! They are passed down from a human being to another along centuries, hall-marking each of us and many others who will face the terrestrial life challenge...

During eleven years of spiritual practice I have met with a lot of cases where karmic justice was more than obvious: it brought luck, happiness, respect, financial power to some; but sadness, serious illness, decayed families, poverty, loneliness to others...

Nina Petre


KARMA, a bridge over centuries



Although he is 69 years old he is still a bachelor... He considers himself to be a normal person, but he believes he has been chased by mischance all his life. His profession allowed him earn money and he didn't miss love affairs. Yet, he is a big looser. He has never had enough money to buy himself a house. Even now, when he is advanced in years, he still lives in a modest rented room.

At present, his opinion is that three women cast spells on him as a revenge for his refusal to marry them. He cannot wed another sweetheart because of them. The woman simply won't marry him! He is obsessed by the idea that a devil attacks him by night while sleeping. One night he awoke feeling that an invisible being was trying to pull the blanket off him. On another night that 'somebody' managed to uncover him. On a third night it almost strangled him. Recently, at 1 a.m., he heard an ex-mistress's voice who called him thrice. He was locked up in his room, nobody could reach him, and the woman lives at a 15 kilometer-distance...

Virgil is concerned with the causes of his poorness and unhappiness. He has managed to find out something... These are largely due to his Spirit's last life. It was a fisherman in Turkey. He had seven children, whom were mainly taken care of by his wife, as he was always gone fishing or with his various lover-girls. He concealed from them the fact he was married with many children. That way he mocked both his warm-hearted lovers and his honest wife. The penalty for those sins was spiritually assumed by Virgil. Thus, he was born foredoomed not to have luck either in love or in money issues. Some of his former sweethearts cast spells on him, surrounding him with hoodoo energy and taking benefit off his home. Because the Turk in his former life was a squanderer, the karmic punishment hampers Virgil gain a lot of money, as he always wanted. As to women, happiness has been always chased away from him.




She is 30 years old. At this beautiful age she considers herself to be unhappy. She often wonders why people, whom she loves whole-heartedly and for whom she laid down her life, despise her. She is incredible generous, affectionate, understanding. However, she always has to prove that she is intelligent, well-meaning, hard-working etc. It looks as if she is in a non-stop challenge. People always accuse her for obscure blames. As to money, bad news: however much she works, she doesn't gain as much as she needs. Michelle feels like a stranger wherever she goes. She has never had a home of her own. Although she tried several times to buy a house, she believes now she will live in lettings, paying a rent till the end of her life. She sometimes wishes that she fell asleep and never woke up to suffer no longer. She has had her full share of troubles until now. Whatever she does nothing comes out of it. She doesn't know why. Her desires are conventional, nothing prohibited.

At the age of five she suffered a prolonged coma because she was given a too big hypnotic dose. She felt as a captive in her parents' home and she always wanted to escape from there. She left home at 19, but she suddenly got into a different harder cruel world. Among other severe diseases she suffers from a lymphatic cancer. She wonders what horrible crimes could she have committed in a previous life that brought her such a serious punishment, which she still reckons to be God's will...

From the karmic point of view, Michelle's condition may be explained in the following manner. In its last life her Spirit was incarnated in a camel breeder and merchant in Syria. He lived a dangerous life. Always on the road, he had intercourses with all kind of women, neglecting his large family. The two wives and several mistresses gave birth to many children. They grew up like wild weeds with nothing more than their mothers' comfort. The Syrian was clever, but he didn't go to school. He managed life problems by relying on his strong mental insight and his father's severe tuition.

The present human being, young Michelle, has completed the Syrian's desire to have more scholarship and knowledge in trade calculations through her studies and actual profession - accountant. Michelle was foredoomed she would suffer because of men most part of her life. She was and still is close by death.

She should lesser involve in sentimental issues. While the man in the previous life had a good time with whomever satisfied his lust, Michelle is fated to live a life filled with frustrations, even penances. To her luck however, she has already with a vengeance expiated the corrections of her destiny.




His Spirit's former incarnation was a Japanese martial arts master who lived in the 18th century. He was extraordinary clever and amazingly agile. There are a lot of common features between Vladimir and that master, like:

His karmic dower grows, quaintly, from different previous lives. We may remark:

Future expectations:

He will remain the head of his country for many years now on, and become as a deity for his people at a certain moment. He will have a long life if he escapes from the long series of terrorist attacks he will systematically bear starting year 2005.

18 Sept 2004



He is the reincarnation of a Turk who lived in the 19th century. He lived in many places, towns and cities mainly. His major occupations were robbery and killing for money. The bandit didn't restrain himself from burglaries, stealing from peoples' pockets, shops and vehicles which he forced to stop on trafficless roads. He killed people to strip them of money and other goods or on some guys' demand who paid him well.

Among Dr. Ayman's karmic problems we may notice:

15 Sept 2004



Elena's previous life was in fact a Mexican adventurer's life. He was born in 17th century and died in 18th century. He was a carpenter, but he also grew cannabis for his personal use and for selling it. He had a large family and many lovers!  The Mexican was born with a splendid voice, being the favorite singer of his village. Elena has inherited numerous karmic problems from the freakish Mexican. For example:

14 Sept 2004



Her Spirit's last incarnation was a man in Great Britain who lived between 1827 and 1913. As a very competent in politics lawyer he was in the position of the British Royal House counselor. He was loyal to his two wives. His first wife died shortly after their marriage by a contagious disease. She did not have time to give birth to an heir. His second wife gave birth to five children. The two spouses passed away almost at the same time, firstly him then her...

Lia is hall-marked by destiny, no questions about that... While the lawyer in her former life lived in the shadow of the country rulers, Lia's main goal in her present restless life should be the top level political activity (even as a state leader!). Her spiritual ancestor didn't have any lover, preferring a family life rather than love-affairs with courtesans. In Lia's case things are different: she is fated three weddings and relationships with a lot of men. While the British lawyer had many children, Lia is destined only one. Has she brought it to life?

The beautiful Lia was born under a lucky star: she is a delightful being who spreads a lot of light around her. She will shine as a star till the last moment of her life...

However, there is bitterness in life too. Because of our hero's job at the Royal Court, he had to act menially. So, Lia is irritated by flatterers! To her discontent she meets such people at every turn. She often asks herself: 'When shall I get rid of these?' Never, dear Lia, never! That's your fate - others to artfully take their chance to benefit from your generosity!

13 Aug 2004


Dorin Leonard

His spiritual predecessor was a woman who lived in New Zealand at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. She was a diving-woman in deep waters where she caught sea-creatures demanded at the market. She had a life of a martyr: mother of ten children, wife of a drunkard who never woke up from the alcohol haze, she destroyed her health by diving on all sort of weather conditions... By her often superhuman efforts she managed to earn enough money to bring up her children. When they all had become adults, having good jobs and happy families, she passed away on a feast day, satisfied that she had done her duty as a woman with faith in God should have done...

Dorin was foredoomed to become a sportsman. Since early childhood he knew he would box. Later this sport brought him a lot of joy, but sufferance too. From the New-Zealander fisherwoman he was given through centuries the sense of danger, the determination in critical situations and the will to fight to the end to reach his goals.

After finishing his sportsman career he should start a career in politics. He has a great oratorical talent and the cleverness worthy of politicians' envy. He will live all his life in honesty and dignity and his people will love him as they have done until now...

13 Aug 2004

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