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"I control the physical mind. I direct the activity of physical brain and astral brain. I am the supreme leader of the mental, psychical activity of the physical and astral man. The physical brain and the astral brain cannot work without me. I am composed of a very refined astral substance, almost etheric. I lie in the lower side of the astral brain, I look as a small smoke cloud.

When man dies, I leave along with the perispirit, which I accompany everywhere for a while, for a month up to several months, and afterwards I am disintegrated. It is not until then that the perispirit is truly free, unchained from the just extinguished life, unhindered to follow the spirit.

The physical mind depends on me, I control it during sleep time, but, being so limited by its high-density state, it cannot remember all the directives that I give it. That is why, in most cases, there are misunderstandings between the physical mind and the astral mind, as the physical mind does not quite comply with the requests of the astral mind in all respects. The physical mind lies also in the occipital lobe of the physical brain, it is like a small cloud, denser than myself. When man is asleep, the physical mind rests, so as to be able to work when awaken. It is like torpor. I send it all my advice and directives, but it does not reply to me. That is why I do not know precisely how man will react the next day.

If a reciprocal connection were established between the two, people would better act under their own astral impulses. Maybe the earthling is subject to error, he has not perfected himself yet. Still, there are highly pure, psychically gifted people who, by their own secret practices, manage to partially or completely connect their physical mind and astral mind in both directions. These people, such as you, can take counsel with their own astral part, thus coming to an understanding with the finer substance of their inner structure. It is very important that you should get information from your own personal astral…

The astral part is much freer than man’s physical part. It travels by night partially, but sufficiently to be well informed in all regards. It is especially the astral perispirit and the astral mind which travel when you sleep, by accompanying your spirit.

Besides me there is another ultra-refined mind, fortunately the last, which is the mental mind - or "the intellect". It is located in the mental brain, and, being such refined, it cannot be seen, except with the eyes of vital energy. People cannot see it but with the "spare eye" (the third eye), and only those who can get into direct touch with their mental field. Actually, these are only in part humans, as for the rest part they are liberated of their physical condition. Their physical mind is utmost refined, close to the astral mind. Hence, man’s ultimate structure, the most refined one is the mental structure.

In conclusion, man has three essential structures : physical, astral and mental. Different scholars gave complicated classifications of energy fields, but they are mere trifles, meant just to impress the public. The most dense structure is the physical one, seeable with the naked eye. Larger than it is the astral structure, less dense and including the first one. The astral structure has several energy levels. Besides the energy level which wraps up the physical body are some other ever finer levels. This may be seen on the aura also, minding the color density : as you look further, the colors fade away. Besides the astral structure is the mental one, which is larger than the other two, including them. It too has several energy levels, becoming finer, more transparent as you move away from the last astral layer. Beyond it, the human being as a whole shares the Divine Universe…

I am a refined substance of energy, an astral voice has been allocated to me to be able to speak to you. I convert my energy modulations – that is my will to talk to you – into words of your language. Any astral mind can do that. I know a lot of things, because I belong to a highly enlightened spirit, and, by accompanying it, I learn everything I need. I think as your spirit guides me…

The CONSCIOUSNESS is a form of expression of spirit’s activity.
The PERISPIRIT is the transmitter of spirit’s directives. The perispirit is the substance of energy linking the spirit and the consciousness. Consciousness, as a result of perispirt’s activity, stores all the spirit’s directives given to the human body. Thus, consciousness too has three refined structures : the mental, the astral, the physical. It acts upon the body by all the three. The consciousness sends information to the mind, and the mind controls the activity of human body, in collaboration with the brain nervous structure.

The SOUL is the permanent mind’s associate, but while the mind has a settled location, the soul is the motion agent instead. It takes over the directives for body work from the mind, and carries them to all the organs through the blood. The soul is not fixed, but moves continuously along man’s vascular system. Its headquarters is inside the heart, but it seldom rests there. Its role is to maintain the body vital system. Man having died, the soul withdraws in its place within the heart, stays there a while until the body has grown cold, but still striving to circulate. After the body has got cold and the blood does not move through blood vessels, the soul still remains in the heart for 7 – 9 more days, then the heart dies. Ten days after the physical death, the heart begins to decay and the soul announces the spirit that the latter is free. The soul withdraws from the heart, trying to go along with the spirit when it leaves, but slowly, slowly it disintegrates, its constitutive etheric particles scatter in space.

When man is awaken, the soul circulates along the blood vessels for an indefinite number of times, but during sleep time it takes respites inside the heart to rest for very short moments, micro-seconds. In general, nobody controls its motion, on the contrary, where is an injury, a danger, a blood speed slowing down, there is the soul also present, commanding the tissues to resist to external pressures. It energizes the devitalized sections, helping them to recover and survive. It is the "savior of the physical body".

From the astral mind you can get general information on the psychic state, health state, but less detailed data.

The mental mind sends wordless information in the form of premonitions, ideas, intuitions. During still meditation the astral mind and the mental mind are working together and working better, they can send you more information, and you can better understand it. It is only after a whole life of meditations that you can gain access to the mental mind…"



"Your SELF is a substance very close to me. You call it the "perispirit", that is the fragile super-sensitive wrapper of the spirit. Only those highly spiritually evolved persons can automatically resonate with their spirits. Most of those who have access to spiritual life succeed in agreeing with their perispirit, thus bringing forth a collaboration in the anteroom of perfection, which means remarkably much. Those who gain access to their spirit reach perfection in a natural pleasant way, by no special efforts. You have a special mental constitution, and thus you manage to operatively do some invaluable spiritual services. You have a great chance that I am a positive, an extremely pure spirit ! We have struggled for years to open you energetically. I have succeeded in directing your psychic abilities on the right positive path, I have put you in resonance with the Divine Will, so as you do not and will no act contrary to my intentions.

Never fall in despair ! Hostile emotions - such as terror, despair, anxiety for tomorrow, jealousy, hatred - burden and pollute your astral and mental structures. Make yourself mentally a protection shield while being among people, it will help you avoid disturbances from hostile infiltrations ! You may generate the protection shield in this way : when verbally aggressed, immediately convert the attack into a positive thought. It is like pouring antidote against poison. So, instead of automatically experiencing a negative thought following that stimulus, you should generate a positive thought. It is a kind of counter-attack. If they tell you that you are lazy, think you are hardworking. If they tell you that you are bad, think you are good. It will be a crushing effect for those ill-intended. In this way you create your "protection aura", by your positive thoughts you annihilate those from malefic attacks. Teach your brain to compile like this : any negative stimulus is turned instantaneously into a positive thought. The poison will be rejected and dissipated, and a nectar will flow inside you. It is an instant, totally good effect…"