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Our Stellar Universe, which is also called our System, is organized as follows:

Five extremely powerful planets (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto) have a critical influence because of the amount of energy they circulate in our Stellar System. All the other planets and all the matter in our Universe are energetically subordinated to them and, beyond, to the Supreme and Infinite energy Focus, who is God the Lord and Father of us all. So you must understand that God the Lord is a great, infinite, all-powerful energy focus. His Will is a best quality energy of an exceptional subtleness, as you cannot meet in other sources. It pervades instantly any point of our Universe. It is from this Supreme Energy that life emerged on Earth, on other planets, and is also through It that life thrives everywhere, because It exists all over the Universe. "Life" does not just refer to creatures that move, "life" means our Fatherís Energy WillÖ

On the Energy Layers

You people and the Earth appertain to the super-dense level. The other planets and all the solid fragments moving through the interstellar space also belong to that same level.

Close to the super-dense parts of the Universe there are dense spaces (dense, from our point of view), protective layers which you call "atmospheres". They cover and protect the planets and the other super-dense fragments. The matter in the atmospheres is such made to resist shocks, aggressive elements which exist throughout the Universe. I mean fragments of comets, meteorites. The Earthís atmosphere soften the shocks when the visitorsí ships come to Earth with great velocity.

After the dense layer (the etheric) there is a semi-dense layer, subtler than the atmosphere, which is like a very thin fog. Its drops seem to be mirrors which "watch" everything that takes place around them, and this "everything" having been archived on them. He who can look into these records is a superman (clairvoyant). In this layer (the astral) one can meet all the wonderful and horrible things ever imagined and unimagined by the human mind. But everything is so subtle that you believe it is a movie, a fairy world.

Above this layer (as vibration) there is a very fine matter. Here no objects, no images, no corporeal beings can reach. Here only exist special beings whose main attribute is Intelligence. This layer is called "mental-causal" (mind-and-cause body). Here exist only thoughts, ideas, initiatives. Here are no deeds, no bodies, no images.

Beyond this layer there is an even subtler space, where dwell extremely elevate beings, whose vibration is very powerful. They can move rapidly, traveling with incredible speed to any of the inferior planes. Most of them reach perfection. Some of them become the Lordís Subjects, the "Chosen by Fate", the "Jewels of the Universe". They watch carefully so as nothing and nobody disturb that wonderful State which is called the "Divine Energy". This space is called the "pre-Absolute plane" or the "Lower Absolute" (Atmic etc)

The last layer - the highest, subtler, impenetrable for the ordinary beings - is the "Supreme Absolute" or the "Divine Heaven". Here dwells God the Lord and His Companion, the eternal Virgin Mary, who is My Mother. In this layer We are granted access, who are the Lordís Sons. We are quite numerous, but we do not live here definitively. We, His Sons, are in constant motion, we do not rest, but we spend most of our time in the Lower Absolute.

medium Nina Petre,