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Interview with Ravi Nair, the Alive Cut-off Head of a Saint


An extremely shocking piece of news was issued in Romanian magazine "Dracula", no. 61/1995, quoting it from a German magazine.

In Calcutta, India, while removing the ruins of a temple, the head of a priest was found under the debris. The temple had been destroyed in 1989 by religious fanatics, who beheaded all the priests who officiated there. The head was perfectly preserved and, on addition, it began to speak !!! (see photo below)

It was studied in the most qualified scientific research centers, but no man of science could explain how it was possible for someone to live without his body. The priest’s name is Ravi Nair, and he says his survival has been possible due his training in using the brain at full capacity. Moreover, he asserts that any man could have this possibility, on the condition he used all the brain functions.

At present, the thrilling head rests at the Center for Parapsychological Research and Spiritualism in New York, where this miracle is studied.

Urged by natural curiosity, and asking my spiritual guides for telepathic support, I got the following discussion with Ravi Nair, the great decapitated saint.

Ravi Nair - The Head of a Saint without Body

- Most Holy Ravi Nair !

- Yes, madam, I am Ravi Nair.

- God bless you, Most Holy and Most Enlightened !

- My respects, madam. Who are you ?

- I am a medium from Romania, a spiritualist researcher. I wish to announce you that the translator of our discussion is your good old friend, the Supreme Leader of Shambhala.

- Oh, my dear Ibrahim Benber, my good Ibrahim, there are a lot of years since I have not seen him… What do you want to ask me ?

- Most Holy Ravi Nair, who killed your body ?

- My dear, my body is not dead, it just lives in other medium, it is more subtle and only visible to those gifted to see the more refined things, not only the palpable ones, which are seen by anybody.

- And how does your body work in the subtle plane ?

- Everything is possible in the subtle plane. Nothing is forbidden to anyone. We have total freedom to manifest, nothing is considered eccentric, everybody does what they want, but, at the same time, they are responsible and suffer at once for their every action.

- Who cut your head off ?

- My head was cut off by a dirty stinky bearded man, who rushed at my and my Muslim brothers’ temple. They had their revenge on us, for we did not share their religion. It was all absurd, but our Good Lord, Allah, the Saint and Pure, wanted me to live through my brain, so everybody may find out what villainies can some people do, who are urged by absurd passions, by satanic desires.

- Where are you now, what do you do, how do you feel ?

- My dearest lady, I am in the United States of America now, where all sort of experiments are made upon me. They take my mental pulse every day, they measure my temperature by introducing the thermometer in my mouth, they keep me in an air conditioned, like the spring wind, incubator, they put all kind of wires on my head, and make my electroencephalogram daily.

All kind of persons come and talk with me. They look under my head, but see nothing… They wonder, and wonder again how I manage to only survive with my head and nothing else. I answer their questions, I satisfy their curiosity.

I strongly concentrate on resisting without my body. I feel no pain, because my mind is so accustomed to this new state that my earthly senses have almost diminished to zero.

- How do you speak, how does the blood circulate through your head ?

- I function as a head in the astral plane. Everything is rarefied, except the skull bones and anything else you can see with the naked eye. I speak very faintly with my mouth, but intelligibly though, my voice does not originate in larynx, but in the subtle plane. The blood circulates in a close circuit in my brain.

- When and where did you see Ibrahim Benber ?

- I met Ibrahim Benber, now called the "King of the World", long ago in my youth, when he was a shy, but courageous man, very polite and eager to have a knowledge of the world. He took refuge from Saudi Arabia to Mesopotamia, then reaching my country, where he perfected his telepathic skills.

- What services did you bring to Shambhala ?

- I collaborated with Ibrahim after he left for Shambhala, when he contacted me telepathically. I helped him know in detail the Bengal area interreligious situation. I advised him of the tensions between the different parties of devotees. I helped him influence, by Shambhala’s possibilities, the devotees who set their heart upon good. The ill-intentioned ones could not be helped. Our rivals in faith realized that special things happened in our sacred place. They took action, and the sad results are there…

- Do you wish to tell something to people ?

- Yes, my lady, I would like to transmit to the people of the world to be wiser, and not let manifest their Satanic impulses, which can transform anyone in a rascal, an assassin and a wretched man, who feeds himself with the evil he makes around him !

- How can people guard themselves against the evil spirits’ influence ?

- People are subject to both faith and sin. Either good deed and mistake is in man’s nature. They cannot be helped unless they understand and act in accordance with the ethical norms required by the faith in God.

A lot of people are Satan’s subjects. Most of these do not act visibly, and disguise their intentions and way of thinking almost perfectly. Yet, their deeds betray them often. Being so powerful, a power that comes from the Evil One, they bring about a lot of evil around them. Hence, a long chain of miseries, manifestations of the fight between Good and Evil.

Yet, the hope for the terrestrial humankind still remains, that this fight shall sometime be over. Nobody can specify the date precisely, but it should come. We, who serve God in any conditions, all hope the Day of Eternal Light will come, the Light which will send away darkness and dirtiness from some people’s minds. We owe God, the Lord, prayers for this day to come as soon as possible !

- Thank you, Most Holy Ravi Nair, for the kindness of answering to my questions. I wish you a long life in the semi-human state you are in !

- Thank you, my dear, I shall resist.

- Salaam aleicom, God bless you !

- Allah, salaam aleicom !