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Welcome to my absolutely new site entirely devoted to TITAN A.E., the best sci-fi film ever made! This is Not Quite Paradise, but it sure looks like home! Here you'll find pictures, sounds, video clips, quotes from the movie! Hope you'll enjoy this journey through a universe without rules, without bars, without limits!
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Three video clips from the movie, plus the original trailers! New clips! Go and see them!
From the movie and from the trailers!
Music & Lyrics
Beautiful sounds and beautiful voices: Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, Bill Pullman and much more!
Lyrics from the beautiful soundtrack! I cannot decide which is my favourite one!
Concept Art
How Titan A.E. was before the version we know and love: Goul Ships, exotic planets, strange drifter colonies...
All the most beautiful quotes from the movie!
The Cast
The great cast of voices!
Links to the most beautiful Titan A.E. sites!
Crew members
Play a Titan A.E. Memory Game!
All about the characters!
Play a Titan A.E. Slide Puzzle!
Fan Art
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Parody Tunes
Twins...separated at birth
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