This is the on-line home of Pete White, Printmaker.

I specialize in Western-style, oil-based woodcut prints, but also do other kinds of work. Below you can find my online portfolio, C.V., and Artist Statement, as well as links to personal information and other useful or interesting printmaking related sites.

Virtually all of the art that you see on this page is available for purchase, typically at prices between $35 and $300 (U.S. dollars) per unframed print. Due to restrictions by Geocities, who provides the webspace for this site, I cannot sell them directly from these pages. If you do find any artwork that interests you, please e-mail me directly for a price list and ordering instructions. Thank you.

My most recent work is a portrait of the German artist, Max Beckmann, which you can see here.


Cedar Street Galleries in Honolulu, Hawaii have recently taken several of my prints to display and sell in their gallery.

I have also been added to which specializes in Hawaiian themed artwork.

Click on an image below to see thumbnail images of the corresponding works, or on the text to see a text-only listing:

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