Here are some great links to check out if you are interested in learning more about runes.

Beginning to Understand Runes A good overview of runes and runecasting for beginners.
RuneWorld A brief history on the runic alphabets, and how to use them for divination, as well as some other goodies. Definition, meaning and lore for each rune, how to cast runes, a glossary of Norse dieties, and Norse mythology literature.
Blue Phoenix Runes An in depth look into each of the 24 elder futhark runes.
A Rune with a View An introduction to the visionary alphabet of the northern world by Ari Berk, Ph.D.
Futhark on Ancient A linguistic examination of runic alphabets.
North Wolf Runes A chart of the runes, their names, translations and meanings, as well as a brief history.
Origin of the Futhark Some of the ideas about the origins of runic alphabets and the relation to greek, roman and italic script alphabets.
Sunnyway Origins, meanings and pronunciations, history, mythology, magick, linguistics and lots about runecasting.
Wednesbury Runes A very thourough page on runes with lots of history on origins and culture.
Rune Magick Good info on the meanings of the runes in divination and uses in magick.
Runes/Divination Summaries on each rune symbol and a brief introduction and description of the use of runes by a practicing wiccan.

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