Sof'sen Darklady Sof'sen Name:Sof'sen Darklady

AC 4 HP 14

STR 12
INT 17
DEX 16
CON 15
CHA 16

Sof'sen Darklady was born in the Shadow Elf city of Quel'peth. Though her class is thief, she cares little for stealing money. This is because she focuses on assassinations, and gets all her money from murdering nobles. Being of high rank in her guild, she was sent on a mission to assassinate the city's Archpriest. The priest was killed, but not by her. She was not quite quiet enough when she walked in and she disrupted a very important spell. This caused the archpriest to be blown to pieces and transported Sof'sen to the woods outside of Llacrynia- thousands of miles away. Though she does do a little thieving on the side for smugglers, she prefers to stay an assassin. Because of this she joined the Speardragon Thieves' Guild. Being the only assassin, she is an important part of Guild security. She doesn't care for men and often misinterpets harmless gestures, such as a pat on the back. She is very skeptiacal and mistrusting, but once a friend she is one of the most loyal.

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